… shared by Arachne

In order to have good feng shui, the energy in the home must not stagnate
– it should be vibrant and alive… and moving. When chi is too still it
attracts what is known as yin spirit formation… it is quiet and dull and
has no power to attract good fortune to you. For good fortune of the
material kind to be created there must be plenty of Yang energy… and Yang energy
is always moving, it is never still.
Although we make it a habit to thoroughly clean and rearrange our
furniture prior to Chinese New Year, it is a good idea to do this on a more regular
basis throughout the year since. Moving your furniture slightly is a good
feng shui practice for your home… rearranging sofas, beds and sideboards
to sweep and remove the dirt and dead insects that may have accumulated
will help immensely to keep the chi moving.
Here are a few other things to do to help keep the energy alive in your
home: Clean under the carpets on a regular basis as this is where dust
accumulates easily and chi can stagnate. Give the underside of your bed
a good vacuum to clear the space you sleep on. Consider repainting your
home every two to three years. Take care of necessary minor renovations
and issues when they occur… don’t put them off with a plan to take care
of them later – often such projects just get put off until they cause
major issues resulting in greater expense and time to fix later on. Open
your doors and windows on a regular basis to let the sunshine and fresh yang
energy in.
When houses or apartment buildings get run down their energy begins to
fade… they get progressively weaker until they seem to “die”. That’s why
you’ll find the most successful department stores malls and hotels are always
well maintained and updated by their owners and property developers who
understand the need to keep the energy of their multi-million dollar
properties alive and moving.You must do the same in your home.
All that may be required in your home is a good cleaning and repainting of
the walls, while at other times a more serious renovation in accordance
with changing flying stars or the changing period may be needed. Although
major renovations may not be possible for everyone, a really thorough cleaning
and moving of furniture will be of great benefit.
When we revitalize the interior of our home or office we often experience
an almost magical “lift” of energy… the space seems larger, cleaner and
more open. We ourselves feel better… lighter and happier because each time
we make these changes we are changing the energy by moving the chi.
There are few things that bring faster results and benefits than
revitalizing the interior of your home… so this is a feng shui practice that I
embrace and have applied to my home and to the homes of many of my friends
with great success.
Keep the chi moving and the good fortune will flow in.