… shared by Arachne

While many people simply refer to energy as either “Yin” or “Yang”, Chinese
Taoist Masters stress that energy must be assessed according to its
strength. This means that Yang energy is either young yang or old yang… and
yang that is exhausted or old tends to dissipate and transform into yin form
ation unless it is revitalized.
For your home to enjoy good fortune, the yang energy within it must be
kept strong and vibrant by replenishing it constantly and keeping it moving…
and negative energy can be overcome by infusing the afflicted sector or
area of your home or office with fresh young yang energy that is full of
Whenever possible, make it a practice to open your doors and windows to
allow a good flow of fresh energy to enter… you will feel the shift
instantly. This is especially important in homes where the energy has been locked
up… or the residents suffer from constant colds, headaches and illnesses.
When serious illness hits your home it is often due to “illness stars” and
the best cure, in addition to fresh yang energy, is the cure of metal…
especially the sound of metal, which is why singing bowls work so well.
Singing bowls, when used correctly create a powerful metallic resonance that is
very effective in absorbing and helping illness chi to dissipate.
You can also hang six-rod metal wind chimes, which work especially well
when illness is caused by certain number combinations in the flying star
system of feng shui. So when your home is plagued by illness use both the
singing bowl and wind chimes to clear the space.
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Giving your home a regular incense ritual cleansing every week is an
excellent way to appease the spiritual energy of the home. You can use a lovely
aromatic incense like sandalwood and burn it in an incense burner adorned
with auspicious symbols such as the 8 auspicious objects as this further
infuses the incense (and your home) with auspicious chi.
As you begin to work with incense and energy you will begin to see how
aromas actually permeate the consciousness of space helping to lighten it and
dissolve negative chi. Some scents are more powerful than others and
sandalwood is one that is considered particularly effective. If you are not
familiar with sandalwood then I urge you to try it, as you will experience the
healing essence very quickly. Another is lavender, which reduces the
heaviness in the air and is said to bring out our creativity.. .it is really
wonderful to use while meditating.

So the singing bowl is an excellent way to draw the negative energy of your
home into the bowl and transform it into positive chi while the release of
natural aromas like sandalwood through the burning of incense will invoke
energy fields that affect the quality of chi and have tremendous healing
power. Consider using these powerful space-purifying rituals in your home on
a regular basis and not just when illness hits.