If there’s nothing left to do, if there’s nothing left to strive for, what’s the point of living? What’s the point of living when life itself has no point? What’s the point if the game of life isn’t worth playing?


… so this brings to mind… asked to have a career plan at work. Where do i want to be in one year… two years… three years.  My first reaction is irritation and sarcasm… so… we don’t listen to those reactions. The desire… that once was in my career… not the same.  Observance of the rest of the team?… competitive, back stabbing, stumbling over each other to get to the top, corporate behavior…. my desire… no longer the same kind of behavior. So… much thought today… this is one of those opportunities to make up something that the others can’t do that is Info Tech related. Opportunity to “invent” a function… something fun… something comfortable… something that makes me feel I’ve accomplished something at the end of the day.  Doesn’t matter what it is or whether it gets accepted as an actual function. What matters is getting the idea on paper and submitting to the “powers that be”.

Ummmmm…  how about “people gatherer”.  Hmmm… now let’s do some research to give it a fancy name.

Found one… “Requirements Gathering Analyst”.

the point is… it doesn’t matter what I put on that piece of paper… it’s just a story… something to participate in… a game. When creating a story with the awareness that you are not the story, if it goes awry… it doesn’t matter…. and life becomes…  happy.