The Mayan calendar is NOT an instrument for tracking the procession of time as previously thought, but as a meter and measure of the evolution of human consciousness.

Universal cycle – beginning February 10, 2011, will be developing the unlimited ability of Conscious Co-Creation.

Looking at the timing and the product of each of the nine cycles listed above, we can see an orderly progression of the development of consciousness and our abilities to interact with the universe.

During the First cycle, all of the physical laws, chemical compounds, star fields, then solar systems and planets were developed.

In the Second cycle, individual cells which were the product of the Cellular cycle started developing stimulus/response and the survival mechanism. Stimulus/response differs from action/reaction in the amount of consciousness present.

The Third cycle was the recognition of individual consciousness and the establishment of the family relationship (recognition of individuals) rather than a herd, school or flock mentality.

In the Fourth cycle, consciousness developed the tool, which we call “The Mind” to detect the similarities and differences in our experience.

During the Fifth cycle, the leading edge of consciousness was developing reasons for any and every thing. These “Shared Reasons,” are the basis of all culture.

In the Sixth cycle, the concept of law or right and wrong developed.

In the Seventh cycle, which is from 1755 A.D. to present, we have been gathering power derived from natural laws.

Each time that this pattern has repeated it has done so 20 times faster than the previous cycle. 

This quite handily explains why time seems to be speeding up. Time is not speeding up. It is creation itself that is speeding up with more and more happening in less and less time. 

We now know exactly where we are in this repeating pattern. This information makes it possible to put forth educated guesses as to the content of our future. This is similar to using a map when you are traveling. In this case, we now have a roadmap of time, consciousness and events. Our newsletter, The 3rd Night News, is intended to present insights as to what the Mayan calendar predicts our consciousness will be experiencing.

As of January 5, 1999 we started the Galactic cycle which is the 8th of 9 levels of consciousness described by the Mayan calendar. Each of the stages or days and nights of this cycle last for 360 days each. We are now, as of December 10, 2003, in the 360-day section called the 3rd Night. This section will end on December 4, 2004. On December 5, 2004, we will begin what is called the 4th day of this Galactic cycle.