The US borrowed $43 Trillion in Gold Bullion from the Chinese in the 1930’s on a 75 year lease to kick start the economy again after the great depression! Then in 1999 the Bush/Cheney Cartel decided that they weren’t going to pay it back so they started to ship it out from under the World Trade Centre’s to a secure location, they then bring the towers down along with WTC7 in 2001 to hide the evidence. Along came 2008 which was the end of the 75 year lease and guess what happened, a worldwide banking collapse which originated from the US.

Now the Chinese want to level the playing field and bring down the Bush/ Cheney Cartel which has crippled the US and World Economies over the last 30 years.

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Yep, China did loan this gold to America. You can argue the exact amount or what it’s worth, but it was a lot. Bush and his cronies carried out 9/11, as a cover, to sneak out all the gold, stored under the twin towers, and the records and evidence, were conveniently destroyed, in the controlled demolitions. Building Seven also had records of the Chinese gold, so that’s why it was leveled too, to cover up the theft.

The Chinese are not stupid and know what was done to them. I agree that it’s not the American People’s fault, for this heinous crime, but, inevitably, they will be held accountable, and the stolen gold will be added to the debt total, that China wants paid back, with the American people and land, held as collateral. Sadly, Bush and company, will divvy up the gold and reap the fruits of their atrocities, while the American public will suffer the consequences, for many generations, to come.


This call is from an apparent insider whose understanding is shared in the call. It is one of the best descriptions of how the current world situation has developed that I have ever heard. And it’s only 112 minutes long.

As events are transpiring very rapidly, I felt that many of you would benefit from listening to this call.

It is a powerful history lesson, at the very least. If you want the real history, listen to this. I feel this is an excellent call. Only 2 people are talking. As I mentioned, I do not know who is “Contact 2″, but he has been there, and done that, and seen this. Again, I sense he is one of the “White Knights”, providing us the information we are needing at this time.

What’s it all about…

Global settlements, the Dinar, the Chinese, and about the overall world picture, the Federal Reserve, the economic resetting of the world, military industrial complex, 911, inside job, role of the Chinese, Bush stole gold owed to Chinese (75 yr. lease from China in 1933), war crimes of Bush, Cheney. And much much more.