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She defines the problem and defines solutions.

So… after listening to this… there are solutions that can help rebuild the country’s economy. However. if people are able to figure out solutions, they are quickly investigated and stopped by our government. Nothing is legal except what they centralize and control. Our government is no longer OUR GOVERNMENT.  CORPORATIONS OWN OUR GOVERNMENT.

She has a point… they want us to incur more debt. We won’t stop paying our mortgages and won’t stop working to FEED THE MACHINE to protect our retirement benefits. What if… we stopped working? What if we all “cashed out” at once. They already stole SSI. I don’t plan on seeing that when I reach 65… if I ever reach 65.  I think it “cashout” time.  

It comes to mind… why is our government not interested in rebuilding our economy? Why are they poisoning our food? Why are they so interested in centralizing our healthcare? Why are they trying to enforce inoculations? Why are they PUSHING indoctrination tools and TV on the masses?

They know what’s coming?  Do they know something we don’t know? Have they BOUGHT-IN to the end-times theory? Are they MILKING the masses before  that time?