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The United States has more oil reserves than Saudi Arabia but this happy though shocking information has been covered up for years.

The wells have been drilled, it’s merely a matter of turning on the faucets to supply America’s needs for 200 years.

These astounding revelations have been confirmed by a 30-year veteran oil exe cutive with leukemia who has decided to speak out.

In 1980, Lindsey Williams wrote a book, The Energy Non-Crisis, based upon his eye witness accounts during the construction of the Trans-Alaska pipeline. As a chaplain assigned to executive status and the advisory board of Atlantic Richfield & Co. (ARCO), he was privy to detailed information.

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… so tell me again… why is America buying oil from other countries?


Not Obama’s fault. He’s just a “do as you’re told” puppet for the corporations that really run this government.  AND the common population?  Manipulated slaves that think we have freedom and kept dumbed down with our “indoctrination toys” and TV.  Sorry folks… just mad at myself thinking that this country still maintains values that I was brought up to believe.