April 2011

One of the nice things about life today is the ability to explore possibilities… enhance our knowledge into the unknown and determine how they apply to our existence… encourage expansion. We are spiritual being have a human experience. Live in the moment. Understand what it is to “BECOME” and “BE”.  Consider… we are role playing in a movie… we can choose to be anyone or anything we want to be. Open the mind. Explore possibilities.


Net Connections

From Maya Mystery School

Star Child Ascension

Raising Eden… our children will lead the way..


-Robert Morning Sky
Pages 38 – 121  (These are only the words of Bek’Ti, the Star Warrior An Extraterrestrial from The Pleiades   Typed from the book)  Re-engineered By –K– 12/2008

UA is a living, breathing thing
UA is all things
UA is all of the light of the Heavens
And all of the darkness of the Nothing
UA is all that is
And all that ever was

As UA breathes
So the universe moves
When the breath is let out
The heavens move into the void
When the breath is taken in
The heavens flow back into UA

UA breathed out
It was the TEBU of the first light
In the breath was the first fire
In the breath was the first life
From the first fire and the first life
All things were born
All things came to be
In this manner
All things were created

TEBU is time
One of the four directions
To the sky and below is one direction
To the front and back is another direction
To the side and the other side is another direction
To TEBU and back is the other direction
(i.e. This describes 3-D space reality, the 4th dimension, is time)

TEBU moves with the breath of UA
As the breath moves forward
So TEBU moves forward
As the breath moves back into the ONE
So the TEBU moves back
In this way does TEBU flow with the breath of UA
To move with TEBU is experience

UA is the ONE, the universe is the breath

As the breath of UA moved
So too, the SEBA moved
The SEBA are the first flowers of the heavens
The first lights
Many SEBA gathered together in the circles
To dance in this TEBU of birth
The fire of the SEBA began to fill the heavens
For TU (five) TEBU they gathered
That is as it is

In the TU TEBU
The fifth time of UA
The SEBA (stars) of this place came together
In this circle of stars and fire
Here were born the CHER-BAH beings
Known as the SSA

They are the beings of the most TEBU
The CHER-BAH are the ‘Old Ones’
That is as it is.
(*the original cher-bah are actually the ‘winged ones’.
They derived first from a guardian bird race
Before being mixed with reptilian ssa –k-)

In the TEBU after the TU
In this time the SSA CHER-BAH of UA did walk
They are the eldest of UA, the ONE
As the blood of UA became many
They became brave and a people of great heart
The CHER-BAH made their way into the stars that spin
Making new homes
In this way the SSA did take to themselves
The keeping of the stars that spin
Such was the way of the CHER-BAH

The CHER-BAH were the first born
Then were born the SSA beings
After many TEBU
The ASA-ARR were born
You are of the blood of the star beings of ASA-ARR
(Star elder referring to the Native American Indians
and other Earth peoples
ASA-ARR is the star Sirius
ASA-ARR-U are the beings from Sirius)
One of the most bright GER SEBA
One of the most bright ‘Night Stars’
Has the calling of ASA-ARR
Beings of this star
Have the calling of ASA-ARR-U
The spinning stars of this heaven
Are parted into many many places
Each place is under the hand of a Star People
In this place the ASA-ARR-U hold hand
The ASA-ARR-U are your ‘Old Ones’
From them comes the life force
Of your ‘MAHK’, your body

They are as you are…only more so
You have the look of your ‘Old Ones’
They are not to your head
They are to your chest
They do not have your body
They are ‘thin’
They are the look of one of you
With MET (ten) years

I am not of the ASA-ARR stars
I am of the CHU stars [Pleiades]

Your ten is called MET
MET MET is ten times ten, one hundred
The ASA-ARR-U warriors
Age of ASA ARR young warriors
Is one hundred thousand years old
PESH is one less than ten
METEN is way of movement (by ten ness)

Beings millions of years old guard the galaxy passageways
They guard the PESH-METEN
A place of travel
It is known as the ninth passageway
It is a “highway for starships”
The ASA-ARR-U are the guardians
Of the ninth passageway

The PESH METEN and this circle of bodies
Have belonged to the ASA-ARR-U for many TEBU
The PESH METEN and this solar system is theirs
The PESH METEN was given to the ASA-ARR-U
By the ARI-AN beings
The ARI-AN are born of the CHER-BAH
They are the SSA

The ARI-AN warriors are called ‘MAK’
They are as the ‘DAK’ warriors
Of the ASA-ARR-U
They have the look of reptile men
The ARI-AN are the elders
Of the reptile race
The ARI-AN are not small
They stand over you

The small reptile race took the hand of this place
Away from the ASA-ARR-U
The small reptiles are thin
Their heads are large…
They are called SHETI [Greys]
The METEN are the paths of the Star Travellers
In the heavens the Star People
Have marked the ways of no harm
For those who journey
One may travel on any METEN
If they have the word
Of the Star People who have hand over it

And so it was until PESH METEN
The ninth period
When a new star appeared
In the passageway of the ninth place
No one knew
That the SHAY of heaven
Would change forever
(SHAY means ‘It is as it shall be’)

When the lords of ASA-ARR
Found the new dancing star [Our sun]
They came quickly to the new sun
They moved quickly
To put its RE-U stones
Under their hand

The ASA-ARR-U lords
As was their right
Gave each RE-U a calling
That it be known for its own

The tiny stone closest to the star, was ‘MU-MU’
The second stone was called ‘DAK-A-MU’
The third stone, bright red in color, was ‘DAK-MU’
The fourth stone, emerald green in color, was ‘AM-BU’
The fifth stone, the largest stone, was ‘BAR-BAR-U’
The sixth stone, a ringed stone, was ‘TAR-GALL-U’
The seventh stone, blue and green, was ‘AN-U’
The eighth stone, a blue stone, was ‘A-RU’
The sun itself, they called ‘BAD-U’

As the new star gathered TEBU
Its stones became worlds of beauty and wonder
But of the stones
It was the emerald stone, AM-BU
That brought trouble to the ASA-ARR-U!

The beauty of the emerald world
Brought many…
The circle of the dancing star
Was a place of power for the ASA-ARR-U lords
With a hand on the PESH METEN
The ASA-ARR-U could control
Any who journeyed into
And out of the center of the swirling stars

In this way the ASA-ARR kings
Had control over
The affairs of the AST-CHER-BAH
And the Council of the Queens

AST-CHER-BAH is the throne
Of the ancients
In the swirl of stars in the center

The Council of Queens
Is the ARI-AN SSA empire
Of reptilian beings

In the center of the stars that spin
Is the throne of the timeless SSA queens
There live the ‘ancient ones’
The CHER-BAH star queens
The Grandchildren of UA
…ONE of the ‘ONES’
The SSA queens decide the course of heaven
And are the keepers of the stones of wisdom
The beings which the ASA-ARR-U lords
Gave way to travel on the ninth passageway
Could enter the circle
And become friends of the council
Those who could not use the METENS
The ninth passageway
Became outsiders
A foe to the SSA

Was a thing of war
The circle of BAD-U
Was a place from which warnings could be given
If enemy star people entered the passageways
Should there be a need for battle
The DAK enforcers waited
On the world of the red sands
And the world of the white sands
BAD-U and its stone worlds
Were turned into places of war and destruction

The ASA-ARR-U were lords of the ninth place
They have had many great and powerful kings
But the one who was king when man was created was called ‘AN’
Some call him AN-U
The passageway of the ninth place
Was ruled by supreme lord AN
And his royal family
His queen was AN-TU
Supreme lady of the ASA-ARR-U
Under his hand
The ASA-ARR-U stars grew in power.

The eldest son of lord AN
Was known as lord prince EA
A ‘Genesis’ scientist
A master of life sciences
The second son of the great AN
Was prince AN-EN
Who as his father
Was a skilled ‘Lord of the Hand’
Last of the royal children
Was lady NIN-HAR-SAG
A ‘Master of Life Sciences’
As her older brother prince EA

The great AN
Was proud of his children
Each master of a way of life
In all things, they assisted him
The royal family
Ruled the ninth passageway with no heart
Because of their rulership
The ASA-ARR-U were a fearsome people
And had many possessions
They were the people of’ the word’

The ASA-ARR-U were conquerors
They were feared by all
In the outer edges if the PESH METEN stars
They were the tooth
of the CHER-BAH SSA queens
the tooth that bites

And of all the ASA-ARR-U
The DAK were the most feared MISHA warriors
It was the power of the AR
‘The Divine Wrath’[i.e. Death star]
That made their enemies tremble before them
Many worlds fell
To the hand of the ASA-ARR-U
But none would so change the fates of the passageway
And of the ninth place
As the green stone
Of the circle of the dancing star
The place of fates was TIAMAT AM-BU
Emerald world!

The birth of the new dancing star
With its new stones
Made the star ways easier to rule
At first the new circle
Was home to those who left other stars
(i.e. Lyran refugees, for instance –k-)

It was king AL-AL
King before AN-U
Who took this star and its worlds [our solar system]
Into the ASA-ARR-U empire
DAK warriors were sent to keep hand over this place.
DAK-MU, world of the red sands [Mars]
And DAK-A-MU, world of the white sands [Venus]
Was their home

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