May 2011

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Pole Shift Survival

Idea from Mama Bea

Wind Turbine Generators ??

New Madrid Fault :

March 13, 2011 : Japan Tsunami

April 27, 2011 : Alabama

yet more…

Floods along the Mississippi River, wildfires, tornados , earthquakes

Myanmar, Burma… cyclone… local government refusing relief aid.
Why? Consider this… if aided by outside sources, the country is subject to referendum looming on a proposed Constitution. “we give you aid if you let us take over your country”.   The new currency is food and water.

Matías De Stefano is an Argentinian 22 year old, who could be described as an Indigo child. He has been allowed to activate the area of the brain where all the cosmic memory is registered. His purpose in life is to share his memories with the people, helping these to organize their own information. Also one of his essential missions is to help create a new education that can adapt to the new paradigms of the children of our time.

Matis talks about the mass influx of indigo children who have chosen to incarnate here at this particular time, as well as what to expect with 2012 and how he was able to recall his past lives, which included working with the Akashic Records.

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