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You are living through what is known as The End Times. You will soon enter the “THE NO-TIME TIME”. Time is a construct to control every aspect of your lives. I have pointed out in the past that the Ancients lived in “No Time”. This is what your world will soon return to. The pressure that time has placed on your lives is tremendous. Your calendar will return to 28-day months, incorporating the 13 signs of the Zodiac. Many of us are experiencing severe cold in the body. It is painful and unexplainable. Then, sometimes, a powerful heat builds up. It consumes you: it is a living heat that is removing all that is unnecessary in your lives. Your bodies are being prepared for the DNA to be restored and full consciousness to be experienced. Welcome these changes. There is nothing to fear, it is a natural process. Heart-centered consciousness has nothing at all to do with religion of any sort.

Many beings from my side of life, chose to be reborn to assist and guide Mankind through what should be seen as exciting times. Go with the flow: you have everything to gain and nothing to lose, except the ties that have kept you bound to the control system you have lived under. You will know freedom of thought and action for the first time. Suddenly, you will see your fellow human beings in a new light, with no divisions of any sort. Your Universe will be completely restored once more. The two control centres that have kept you in darkness will be removed. You have seen this in your sleep state. All that has been kept hidden will be revealed. There will be such rejoicing, the like of which your world has never known.


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