it’s called a Heart inside of a Mountain…

Damanhur.. Italy… Baldissero Canavese first wonder of the new world… it speaks… *S*
Ancient myth….
In the 22nd year after the disappearance of Atlantis, the sudden cataclysm had cut the colonies off from their mother country. The few surviving communities have begun to laboriously re-organize.
The Great God of the Black Vortices, enemy of Humankind had achieved a great victory, while the Gods of humanity, weakened, searched for a solution to the disaster.
Only the underground city of Damanhur, founded as a monastery for the divine mysteries, had preserved the ancient knowledge. I was built by great magicians who wanted to protect the ageless wisdom and the alliance between humanity and the Gods.
The Temples of Humankind
Hall of Water – Sala dell’Acqua
Hall of Spheres – Sala delle Sfere
Hall of the Earth – Sala della Terra
The Lbyrinth – Il Labirinto
Hall of Mirrors – Sala Degli
Damanhur Part 1 : An Introduction
Damanhur Part 5:  Astral and Time Voyages
Alex Grey and Allyson Grey speak aout Damanhur