How far down the Rabbit Hole are you willing to go to find truth??

What is it?

What makes something true or not?

How can there be so many versions or stories about similar things that seem to conflict each other?

How do we reckon that so many of these storiescannot “connect their dots” with each other,as Isaac says?

I have settled, for now, on my story that “All Stories are True.” From a perspective that Earth is a place we, as Creator Gods, came to enter a physical body, experience the densities and polarity game in a rather unique opportunity, and because of freewill, we are able to play out many stories, scripts and stage plays. I also believe that we have been hijacked by a rather brilliant and powerful group of Creators whose intent is to “mine” all the resources of Earth, including us, for the benefit and enrichment of a few. Their plan is a destructive one and finally the results are getting our attentions. I actually admire their abilities to execute such a brilliant plan.  It is far-reaching, long-lasting  that has kept us in the dark, “in check,” brainwashed, manipulated and unaware of the true scope of their manipulative presence, until now.

Mary Magdalene : connection to Mary and the Divine Feminine