August 2011

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Our bodies are like radios(receivers) that pick up and transmit messages, but the origin of the message is from other realms.

There is a constant stream of info flowing into us at all times- it is a matter of “clicking” on the “computer screen” to see which ones we will view.

We are starting up different “stations” as human beings where we are creating light in different areas, little sub “channels” where we use the divine “frequency” to speed up this process.

To walk in the light, we must free ourselves from the attachments we have on this earth—– It is a gradual process for most.

There are light beings– strategically placed in areas of great energy flow and consciousness that are being “tapped” on the “shoulder” so to speak, that are carrying on this work.

The predetermined locales will act as “substations”, for channeled information– connected by specific PLACEMENT of beings “tuned” in to that frequency.

These beings will be connected through their psychic and collective consciousness,
and through their opened Pineal, (which will act as a receiver/transmitter for the information necessary to carry on this great “work”),

As the ~density and frequency~ of the planet ~shifts, the use of technology for communication will not only be obsolete, but it may in fact, be impossible.

It will be necessary to communicate psychically with each other, and to tune in and connect with this source.

We will be given the instructions as to how to do this and will have everything we need available to assist others who have not awakened in this awareness who are on the verge of this discovery.

It is for those who “know” to instruct and assist those who are on the “tipping point” and to aid in the true understanding of “self”.

This will come in many different layers, as the earth shifts- these energy centers will act as portals for mass information.

2011 : Year of Illumination



People come into our lives for a reason….



Follow your heart, you already know the truth but it needs to awaken and remember who you are. Seek the truth…..times are changing.

… shared by UD (RainbowArts)

…. PaneAndov.

The year dates specify 2012 – 2013.  Right now, todays date is 8/25/2011.  This event he speaks of is happening NOW. The date to watch for is 9/28/2011 and 10/18/2011.   Earth… she is evolving… let’s evolve with her…

One hour Flower of Life planetary meditation will do for a start. Let’s say between 7 am and 8 amBrisbane time – every Saturday and all the rest can refer to that time according to their own time zone. Its very important to be done in the same time everywhere on the planet.

………………    I placed the link to Pane’s site at the end of this article.

Since we are living in binary star system, the wave of energy will hit our sun companion star and it will make it a white dwarf also. Afterwards, two white dwarfs will be attracted gravitationally and eventually fuse into one – forming a new bigger star and continue their cosmic life as one.

In other words two white dwarfs will become one new star that will grow again towards yellow type of star – or the sun we see today. How long it will take before those two white dwarfs pull each other by gravity and become one, I have no accurate data – could be years, decades even centuries. Those who will stay will tell…

Extraterrestrial and domestic (planetary) races are warning us that we need to do something in order 3D life to survive. Otherwise our atmosphere will not survive the powerful magnetic energy and the the water in the oceans, lakes and rivers will be boiled by the rising heat from the expanding sun when it enters its Red Giant phase.

In other words, how impossible it may seems, we need to assist other 18 species that also live on Earth with the creation of “Flower of Life” protective shied around our planet.

The data, generated from crop circle messages points that we have been called to join the unity in order to save the 3D life on this planet. Many different types of ETs were shown to us via crop designs. Btw, the image bellow is not extraterrestrial face as it circulates on the internet but human face – they are addressing to us.

In the Chilbolton crop circle we clearly see one of those 18 races that we need to work with in the creation of the protective Flower of Life shield. The number of their population was shown, triple dna structure, and place of living – Earth, Mars and four moons on Jupiter.

The Unity has to be reached; otherwise the Flower of Life Shield will not function. Believe or not…the way we are going to play will affect many others. And they need our help as much as we need their help.

In June 2009 a strange crop design appeared in Milk Hill Stanton, St Bernard, Wiltshire.

It was another important message about the expansion of the outer layer of the Sun, but also there was something else. Someone appealed for UNITY despite cultural difference. Someone out there appealed that we need to gather into unity and to do something together in peace, harmony and love…something that is directly connected to the next solar maximum in 2012.

Funtunfunefu-Denkyemfunefu (Siamese crocodiles)

UNITY – ancient symbol of democracy & oneness despite cultural difference.

Despite the fact we have different cultures we are ONE. This Truth can be seen only when a being reaches a development of fourth chakra. When the fourth centre is open, the consciousness sees that everything in cosmos is part of the same source and is ONE.

The time for conflict is over and it is time for peace and balance. On greater scale, humanity will experience this when North becomes South during the next Solar maximum at the end of 2012.

Again there is clear depiction that Sun will expand in mass.

The same day and few days after the Milk Hill Stanton, St Bernard, Wiltshire crop design appeared, there were few other crop designs depicting different extraterrestrial races, their written language and most of them had a circle where third eye should be on the forehead. Also there was arrow pointing out from the extraterrestrial head showing clearly that they are transmitting messages so we will understand and prepare and also that they are observing us all the time.

I want to point out that Humanity has to open up to the fact that we are sharing this planet with many other life forms and that there is oneness despite cultural differences. Humanity also has to open up to the fact that our planet is changing, since current cycle is coming to its end on 23 Dec 2012 and that the ones that choose the path of Light and Peace await evolution and upgrade of DNA.

This shield needs to be build as soon as possible and maintain active but no later than December 22 2012, a day before the Great Cycle ends.

Two scenarios…life wins in two of them…only in a different way.

Scenario (2012-2013) Number 1

Vibrational field of organism we call Earth has not reach the satisfactory level which provides safe accumulation of the energetic wave…result >> format of all life and nature on 3D Level except zones that are shielded.

More detail about the safe zone in Australia can be found in the PDF “2012 Equation Solved”.

Nexus-Superwave hits, compatible life forms experience great evolution, not compatible life forms experience opposite…

The heat from the expanding sun boils the water in the oceans… after the star “dies” and the released outer layer hits Earth, it distributes the necessary building blocks of life and causes Genesis.

Genesis stands for “LIFE from Lifelessness”, it is a process where bio-molecular structure it’s reorganized at subatomic level into LIFE Generating matter of equal mass. Everything is formed again, oxygen, H2O, Helium etc.

Life conditions are formed again…but it’s going to be a process because the star is now small, does not radiate the same amount of light and heat so it will take a while until the planet becomes suitable for biological life again.

It will take a while until “pure essences” of what was once humans can take biological hosts again and to incarnate on the new Earth. But with all power and knowledge regained I do not think that many would chose to return to 3D reality which is only a school.

If Dark Side plans are successful, THE UNITY is not reached; huge part of humanity will be taken to different parts of cosmos, far beyond the touch of the powerful energy that was released from Sgr*A, which as mentioned before is capable of DNA mutation. Again extended explanation you can find in the PDF. The Forces of Light are fighting strongly to prevent such scenario.

Scenario (2012-2013) Number 2

Vibrational field of the organism we call Earth has reached the satisfactory level where consciousness had prevailed over vandalism and lower material nature…there is strong meditative connection between human and 18 different species.

That meditative connection of all life becomes so strong that it feels the life force of the planet to the atomic level; it feels GAIA and becomes ONE with it…

The shield protects from the CMEs and arriving energy…

As soon as those two appeared, one of them was erased by “someone”, but when the image is inverted its becoming clear that the erased one is actually the Sun with CMEs moving out from the surface. Its there just in front of the Seed of Life crop design with the points where Seed of life needs to complete the next two steps in order Flower of Life shield to be generated!

The flower of life protective astral-magnetic field is created around Earth and the planetary Star Tetrahedron is fired up and spinning in beautiful light…the energy passes, the planet is compatible for upgrade, reconfiguration of the RNA/DNA of all life, and ascension takes place.

Everything in the Universe runs on energy. It was deliberately put there so we will understand that in order to work we need to spin the spheres.

Starting from the central one.

These astral/energetic/magnetic spheres needs to be rotated clockwise when observed from outside or anticlockwise when observed from inside.

This needs to be done not only on planetary scale but on the individual level too…

It has to be done in 3 steps. Energies of your thoughts and emotions needs to be used but in order that you are successful you need to transfer your awareness from your physical body to your light body!

Here is a link how to do the Merkaba.

The described meditative technique inside the link is only a basic one and soon more complex and accurate way of doing it will be provided.

In other words, you need to become aware of your true essence and you need to feel your complex auric field.

You need to reshape your magnetic aura from its default appearance into Flower of Life Auric Structure in 3 steps:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Order of creation of the spheres. Create the spheres one by one, using your concentration and creative visualization.

Here are the colour of the spheres relating to chakras. It starts with the green sphere of Love and ends with purity – top white one. 19 spheres that pulsate with energy and all spun counter-clockwise observing from your standing point. Meditation needs to be done as you stay or as you laying on the…

The same needs to be done on a planetary scale. The order of the creation is completely the same.

As mentioned, if Scenario 2 takes place, the Life will continue on 3D, oceans will remain and will not be boiled since the planet’s magnetosphere will become the flower of life protective shield. GAIA through its polar openings will stream more energy into the star tetrahedron and the whole flower of life structure…

The generated force field is strong enough to shield from the heat and radiation…Star is reborn, Earth stays…all the dirt is cleaned between 23 Dec 2012 – 28 March 2013 and Earth survives and it’s reborn in the Era of Light, Peace and Harmony.

The meditative ONENESS holds and protects the LIFE on the Planet.

At the moment we are late, and the odds to accomplish this are 1:1000 but forget about odds…keep on going, fast and strong, believe and it will be manifested. Do not fear, keep the focus and it will achieved.

Everything starts inside the consciousness…well consciousness is what our planet is, what our sun is and what our universe is…we just need to learn to recognize and to tune into that huge ocean of consciousnesses.

Now you know why Seed and Flower of Life are depicted everywhere on the Ancient Temples…It is Warning to the future generations and the KEY in the same time.

There are only handful of people that live on the surface of this planet that have understood this properly…

The TIME has come for Ancient Secret to be revealed again. The way we use this revelation will affect us all and the ones that are around us…

The main objectives:

The main objectives are to achieve synchronization of the consciousness of humanity with Gaia (i.e the consciousness of our Planet) and with other 18 positively oriented species that live here in parallel, mostly underground and inside the deepness of the oceans. They all have different cultures but they all understand the importance of doing this Flower of Life Protective Shield.

In this moment, due to human foolish behavior and ignorance, majority of the races are avoiding direct physical contact. Most of them are always keeping an eye on what we are doing with our nuclear weapons, so we will not do something foolish and destroy our mutual home – Earth.

Its becoming obvious that some of the races had taken responsibility to help us by delivering to us certain amount of knowledge that will be helpful in understanding what is necessary to be done before the Great Cycle ends on Dec 23rd 2012.

They are warning us about the destiny of our race and our world so that we communicate among each other of the course we have to take in order to avoid the mega disaster which threatens our world and the worlds around us. They are helping us to grow both spiritually and intellectually, so that we can play our role in the process of the great awakening as planet passes into the New Age of Aquarius.

All those races had realized that time has come to achieve a planetary unity in order to defend all planetary life as powerful energetic pulse comes along and makes extreme changes to our Sun.

For many this will sound like heavily loaded science fiction, but for those who are ready, who started to awake and who are picking up the awakening impulses coming from Sgr*A, they will know that this is true and that this is the key. They will hear and they will resonate.

In other words, this is an effort to achieve planetary oneness – a single focus of positive energy in order to create the fundamental geometrical astral/magnetic field of cosmic creation, to activate healing energies with the intention of DNA regeneration of all life and to prepare ourselves and our planet for the arrival of the Nexus 2012 Event; this being a Superwave that is arriving from the galactic center.

In summary, this is an attempt to synchronize as many people as possible, particularly those already participating in spiritual groups around the world and who are practicing meditation. A singular, meditative stream of consciousness carries enough psionic power to influence the basic structure of the Matrix for the benefit of the whole of humanity.

This is because the fractal structure of the Matrix can be modified with the power of our thoughts and only if they are pure enough, if they are strong enough, and if they are focused enough to effect such a change.

So we need to start to practice how to do it!

One hour Flower of Life planetary meditation will do for a start. Let’s say between 7 am and 8 amBrisbane time – every Saturday and all the rest can refer to that time according to their own time zone. Its very important to be done in the same time everywhere on the planet.

Example: If you live in London, you will  need to tune into the meditation in the time that matchesSaturday 7 am Brisbane time and you will need to be in meditative state emanating energy for a whole hour.

Once again, to be absolutely clear to everyone…

We are talking about a 1 hour-long synchronized Flower of Life planetary meditation from our homes every Saturday at 7 am.

Every participant starts the global meditation according to the Time Zone of their respective location in accordance with the 7 am Saturday Brisbane time.

Put some beautiful meditative music on. Music that fulfills you, that makes you feel nice and relaxed…music that brings peace and takes you into the deep.

Close your eyes, feel the energy, feel the vibe, become one with it. Open up, and stop the thinking process.

That will take you to present moment, here and now and the first thing you will become aware of will be your breathing. If you try to control your breathing you will soon realize that there is a way to use your breathing to remain in that state of no thoughts.

Start to feel how your vibrational field becomes one with the vibration that exists inside the crop circles. Visualize in your consciousness images of crop circles where the flower of life is depicted.

Open up…try to establish communication with the cosmic intelligence that is making those crop circles.

Don’t be afraid, seek contact with open heart and full strength.

Know this…

If you want to do a harm to someone, you never give him/her knowledge to grow intellectually, technologically and spiritually, but you keep him/her in the dark so he/she will remain ignorant and easy to be manipulated.

The more a person awakes, grows and gains knowledge, its getting harder and harder to manipulate him/her and keep him/her under control.

Observation of Spinning Crop Circles – Way to Connect with Crop Circle makers

Fact: Crops circles had given us such knowledge and information that we were able to improve ourselves intellectuality, technologically and most important – spiritually.

So, do not be afraid of the contact, soon we will need to establish meditative-telepathic contact not just with them, but 17 other positively oriented races in order we defend the life on Earth. More and more of us are awakening every day, time is speeding up, things are changing rapidly minute by minute, soon we will grow enough both intellectually and spiritually that we will able to co-create Flower of Life Planetary Field.

How you will know who is positive and who is not?

You will feel in your heart. That’s where you are most powerful, that’s where your compass and radar are, and that’s where you truly sense is the outer vibration harmful of not.

You just need to trust your own hearth.

Time for conflict is over…its time we wake up that we are sharing this solar system with other races and that only way that is left for us is that we open up towards the stars and cosmic co-existence.

Lets go on…

Flow with the intent and purpose of the creation and emanate friendly impulses that hold no harm to anyone, that express that you are one with everything and that everything is made from the same energy.

Release a intelligent pulse that you want to help in the creation of the protective field, and that you understand the importance of such action. Feel the best in a human, realize that time for conflict is over and that we need to move towards our evolution. Feel how more and more, your DNA antenna start to pick up signals from everywhere, especially from the GAIA it self.

Feel Love, Joy, Happiness, Friendship and harmony with everything. The GAIA through crop formations will amplify those emotions. Send them out towards all the planet, send healing energy and manifest purification process. Send psionic pulses one by one, every next pulse stronger then the one before. Send it where is needed…

Join in meditative oneness, feel joy, happiness, harmony. Do it for real.

Go back in your life and remember of something beautiful that took place long ago…something that means so much to you…  Something that you see as sacred, something that puts you into a state of joy and happiness.

Once you enter that emotional state of consciousness, stay in that state. See how extremely strong bright white light starts to come from your inside, if you open your eyes only bright light should be visible. Make that visualization the best you can and feel it to the atomic structure. Release that energy outwards. See and feel how powerful wave of energy is spreading everywhere along the planet cleaning all the spots of dark fog.

Do it until the whole planet is energetically clean and shines with light.

In the moment, our planet needs those energies like blood infusion. We all have been borrowing energy from our mother Earth for so long…its time to give some back. Mother Earth will receive it, she will amplify that energy and send it back to us. If you are doing this with open hearth you will feel this very strong .

You will feel how the force is getting stronger in you and around you. Send that force back to Earth. The more you send it, the more you will receive it back like laser bounced of a mirror. The energy will grow more and more and its your obligation to direct it constructively. We have to open up to those energies, go back to our source – “our consciousness” and all powers that we are connected to.

This is the only way towards future.

We need to let go of the old models and we need to stop the conflict among us. Forget about poor or rich, color of the skin, social status, education – those are all illusions.

The truth is that we are all ONE and that we are all made from the same energy.

We have to unite, there is no other way!

All competition, ego or whatever that keeps our vibration down must disappear from us before we can tune into oneness…before we can all enter group meditation and achieve oneness similar to one that is beautifully depicted in the Avatar movie.

Release the energies and positive vibe out. Feel how the sacred sites and the points where past crop formations where delivered are coming alive, start to emanate light and becoming one with you…feel how the energy flow amplifies your thoughts, making them stronger and stronger.

Then visualize the world you want to live.

A world without any evil, lies or deceptions…the world how it should be… a  New world of harmony and peace. A world where morality is the only direction of existence. If we are ONE and we are all the same, who needs competition, who needs leaders and hierarchy?

We are all good in different things, if we forget about differences and work how to unite our skills and knowledge we will make it. We have to move from mine towards ours.

Visualize how our planet heals itself from generated energy. Feel and see within your consciousness a creation of strong force field around Earth. Feel the huge ocean of sharing positive energy moving in and out from Earth. Moving on the surface of the planet distributing peace and balance and refreshing all life.

Visualize how magnetosphere starts to pulsate with energy.

Using the creativity of your consciousness start to form the planetary “Seed of Life” astral structure.

Visualize how GAIA – the “inner sun” in the center of our hollow planet is starting to pulsate.

The color of light of the inner sun depends on current state of planetary consciousness and which charge is dominant. Most times the light that is coming from GAIA dominate greenish color.

That is why the polar auroras are mostly green, sometimes having some yellow light too, but  sometimes they turn red and rarely they have beautifully bluish-white color.

The bluish white light usually comes when the planet breaths with most divine and when millions of Shamballa’s citizens gather in meditation to unite their energy with GAIA.

Visualize how the inner sun is starting to glow with beautiful bluish-white light.

The visualization  in you consciousness is set like this:

“…The top of the planet matches the North Pole opening, the center matches the inner sun of the planet and the bottom point is the South Pole opening…”

With years the polar openings are contracting and expanding depends on the radio signals that are coming from the Sun. Sun is completely alive and conscious as all the planets are. Majority of the planets in our solar system are hollow and there are inner mini suns inside their centers. Majority of what we been told is false. The old models of understanding are starting to fall apart like towers of cards as new input comes along…

See and feel your personal connection with the planetary core. GAIA releases energy and the spherical energy field is getting bigger and bigger until it reaches the whole planet.

That’s the first half transparent sphere where Earth fits perfectly.

Make projection of that sphere upwards and create the second half transparent sphere.

Feel the energetic connection between those two.

Visualize how the core of the planet starts to pulsate stronger and stronger, emanating more light and energy into those two spheres.

They form what is known “Vesica Piscis”.

The third projection is generated between those two.

Before every new sphere is projected visualize the core of the planet pulsating more and more and sending energy towards already created ones and every time creates another one.

The order of creation is already given with numbers.

When you are done with the first seven spheres and you have generated the “Seed of Life” astral structure the next step is to spin them.

You concentrate on the central sphere and you start to move it counter-clockwise observed from inner observing point or clockwise if Earth is observed from space.

You start to spin that sphere to maximum. As it is spinning more and more you start to see an electrical current forming inside that central sphere.

That powerful electrical current is moving into the second sphere and that one starts to spin also.

Soon it reaches the same speed and electrical force. When that happens electricity spreads into the third sphere and that starts to spin also.

You continue to do that until you activate all of the seven spheres of the Seed of Life astral structure.

Use the maximal power of your thoughts and push your brain to maximum.

If done properly you will feel that your light body is responding to the created structure.

Feel Oneness with everything, everywhere in the cosmos. Feel the neutrinos from the Sun and from everywhere else moving around you and through you. Feel ready to for the next step in order that we play our part. Visualize earthquakes, hurricanes and floods reducing rapidly, all other phenomena, and keep sending your energy towards Earth and towards all life on the planet it in order that we all go smoothly through the transit 2012-2013.

Now, stop spinning the seven spheres, but do not shut them off. Keep them in static position.

Start to create the second layer of spheres that consist of six spheres.

Again, the order of creation is given above. (please see the numbers)

Exactly the same as  done with the first seven spheres, the core of the planet pulsates stronger and stronger, distributes more energy in all of the spheres.

It does this in perfect order and when it reaches the last one, always creates another sphere.

When you are done with the creation of the 13 spheres you concentrate again on the central sphere where the Earth is.

Again you start to spin that sphere and when electrical current appears pass it to the second sphere and as that is done that sphere starts to spin also.

In the crop design you can see the Inner Sun – GAIA. They explain that we need to rotate the central sphere to generate power necessary the seed of life to come alive and to distribute energy into the rest of the spheres.

Then do the same with the the third sphere…and so on, until you reach the last thirteenth sphere.

13 Spheres are rotating fast and electricity is generated in the central sphere and it moves from one sphere to the next one until it reaches the 13th sphere.

Feel how powerful electrical field around our planet had become.

Stop the spinning again and disconnect the electricity. The spheres are still pulsating but the electrical current is off.

Concentrate on the central sphere again and how it pulsates. The pulsating energy moves from sphere to sphere it reaches the thirteenth sphere and creates another one.

That sphere is the first of the third and last layer of spheres that will complete the Flower of Life Astral structure.

Again, the way and order of creation is given above.

When all 19 spheres are in place, you can see them in your consciousness, you can reach them and feel them with your energy, concentrate again on the central sphere.

Again it starts to spin very fast and that rotation produces electricity and magnetism.

The electrical current moves into the second sphere it starts to spin too, then it moves to the next one and so on until it reaches the last 19th and that one starts to spin also.

The generated electrical force is so strong that it affect the surrounding space. The magnetism is increasing as the electrical current moves from one sphere to the next one and everything around us becoming more magnetic.

As the electrical current moves through the 19 spheres of the Flower of Life structure, it start to move back towards the central sphere through the Vesica Piscis that are generated inside the “Seed of Life”.

The whole force field is becoming self sufficient and its starting to work on its own. The electrical energy is moving outside from planetary core towards the astral-magnetic structure and back again towards the core of the planet through created petals “vesica piscis” inside the Seed of Life.

As the Flower of Life rotates fast and electricity is moving out and in, two planetary tetrahedrons are forming with apexes on the Poles.

Charged by the energy of the core itself, the planetary tetrahedrons start to rotate in different direction and they form planetary star tetrahedron.

The one with apex at the North Pole opening rotates clockwise and the one with the apex at the South Pole opening rotates counter-clockwise.

The rotation of the star tetrahedron reaches extreme rate and the whole Flower of Life astral-magnetic structure becomes a protective and strong  force field. A force field that will not allow anything harmful to penetrate in.

This is what the rest 18 races will be doing. Please have in consideration that most of the species have more functional DNA potential then our current DNA potential and they will lead the creation. But we need to do the same and give our best.

This Force field will protect Earth from approaching hot magnetic gas from the Ribbon and from the extreme heat form the expanding Sun.

This my brothers and sisters is the key to avoid a great catastrophe on 3D Level.

Please spread this information to many as possible. Time is getting short and there is great importance that we do this.

We can not win this with guns, lasers, weapons…but only with higher consciousness. Spirituality is what makes us human. Our technology is useless if we die from inside and become like machines. We need to open up people, see things with different eyes.

In 2002 the message that appeared in the crop field in Crabwood Farm, Hampshire in UK said: “Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. There is GOOD out there. We OPpose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING [bell sound]“

If we analyse the line: “Much PAIN but still time” a logical question appears – What do we need to do, before time runs out and cycle closes?

We need to co-create a field of energy around our planet in shape of a Flower of Life with a star tetrahedron in its center.

One hour Flower of Life planetary meditation between 7 am and 8 am Brisbane time – every Saturday!

Time had shortened but we understand now what they are referring to and what is smart that we all do.

So let’s do it!


Astral Walker

It has been noted that there is a considerable increase in the number of children being diagnosed as Autistic and Asperger’s Syndrome. There are theories that it is due to a negative reaction to the immunizations required today. Others believe it could be the increase in toxic substances and environmental causes. Many have prophesized that the new children coming to this planet have unique characteristics to aid planet Earth in its ascension process. These children have been termed the Crystal Children.

However, if a Crystal finds you or their environment to be too harsh or negative they will rebel in a harsh and furious way. They will either retreat into their private world or become violent and volatile. Finding ways to keep them balanced and content is extremely important. They have a tendency to relate better to adults or children older than they are, rather than to their peers. They will connect with peers if they find others on the same frequency.

Vopus : A superior way of thinking….

The Writings of Samael Aun Weor – The Teachings of Gnosis

Part 2 :

Part 3 :

… to eliminate the psychological ego and to awaken consciousness … must practice the Three Factors for the Revolution of Consciousness. The Three Factors are the foundation and the essence of the Gnostic Esoteric Work. By practicing the Three Factors ….study Gnostic anthropology in an experiential manner, and to verify its validity through direct, personal, and conscious experience. In this way we will not naively believe or disbelieve, but rather we will know the truth for ourselves.

Death, Birth, Sacrafice

Soil, Water and Sunlight

Tantra and Spiritual Revolution

Mystery of the Golden Blossoming


TRANSLATION: A student asks: “Why… (inaudible), because we did not understand that your pseudonym is ‘Samael'(inaudible).. and your real name is another because it is according to the exercises you have done that you have found your true personality?”

Master Samael responds: “I am going to tell you the truth, the thing is that “Samael” is not a pseudonym that I use. There is the belief of those, without them being paid, who state that I truly am Samael. Have you ever heard or read of the Kabbalah where it talks about Samael? He is repeated (in the Kabbalah) as the Regent of the Planet Mars. An angel, an archangel a Being very well named.

Well, the crude reality of the facts is that I am Samael, and I say it with all the frankness that I am (Samael). And if I had to go before a firing squad to say that I am, I will gladly do it however, I already have the firing squad before me (He is referring to the Judges of Karma). In reality, it will not cost me a thing, I will do it.

Why has it been stated that an angel for a certain period of time was a demon? Simply put, in the central plateau of Asia where the Aryan race started on the face of the earth, I then made the mistake of Count Zanoni. I had an immortal body, a Lemurian body from Lemuria. I saw Lemuria sink within the 10,000 years (of existing) in the Pacific Ocean. I new Atlantis in which I lived for some time with my Lemurian Body. I saw Atlantis sink and I accompanied Manu Vavaisvata (the Biblical Noah) in his exodus. And so we fled from Atlantis with the “select people” bound for the central plateau of Asia in which I still conserved the same body (Lemurian body).

Unfortunately, I repeat I made a mistake in the ancient continent of “Acha” (Asia). In the Himalayas there already existed different kingdoms, and I lived in one of those kingdoms joined with all those who were able to save themselves from the catastrophe that was Atlantis.

I was prohibited to take a wife because for the “Sons of God” it is prohibited to take a woman. It’s that I wasn’t in need of her (a spouse)… but I disobeyed. My heart (intuition) failed me in that regard (***meaning he didn’t receive the intuition telling him to not disobey***).

So I took on a spouse and as a result my Divine Mother Kundalini called me towards a deep cave and showed me the “luck” (destiny) that was awaiting me. I saw rain, tears, enormous sickness, misery. I saw myself as a wandering Jew before all the towns of the Earth. I asked Her (Divine Mother Kundalini) for forgiveness, I had promised that I would leave that woman (his spouse). Even though I loved her (his spouse) I would do it… to serve (His Divine Mother Kundalini), to not evade, to repent (this demonstrates the backwards logic of the newly created Ego). Once I entered into the mistake it was already too late. In other words: *Once the insane or mentally ill escapes not even ‘Santa Lucia’ can do anything about it.* (*which loosely means: I asked forgiveness for the committed crime, but I was already too late).

Conclusion, that splendid immortal body from Lemuria fell and ended up submitting myself to the wheel of births and deaths like any other common person* (*he literally says ‘son of a neighbor’ which is a common saying in Spanish).

This is why the Real Being of my interior is certainly the Regent Monad of the planet Mars. Regarding myself, I am his Bodhisattva; but since I converted myself into a fallen Bodhisattva, all of the egos had reemerged within me. Well, I had converted myself into a true Devil according to the height of the big fall.

Moreover, in this existence I comprehended the necessity to eliminate all the psychological aggregates and to realize the Great Work and to return to the Father. So that now I am speaking to you in the manner with the ‘heart in hand’ (truthfully)… I am Samael.

Aun Weor is my name as a Bodhisattva, Samael is the physical name of my Monad. I am cognizant of the “Dawn of Life.” I (the Logos Samael) assisted in the dawning of Creation. I’ve known of humanity since creation occured, since the heart of the solar system began to palpate after the deep cosmic night of the “Great Pralaya.”

I came here because here is where I was destined to be; my deep Inner God, my Father who is in secret who is within me, sent me for the purpose of serving humanity! And I think that I am doing it, I am working for humanity. I remained fallen for many centuries…that is the truth, but thanks be to God I have now risen from the mud of the earth. Now I am dedicated to work in the Great Work of the Father.”


TRANSLATION: It is very important to understand that the Master sometimes spoke only to people who truly understood him and who truly understood the depth of Kabbalah. Therefore many of the speeches are not really meant for the listener to take many of his words literally.


“In these precise moments we are finding ourselves in the beginning of the end. Within the Apocalypse it tells us of the Beginnings of the End. We are precisely within the end of all times, in the end of the Kaliyuga, in the end of the 4th Beast. You will soon see the fall of the great cities of the world. New York, Washington, Paris, London will be left into dust. The earthquakes will frightfully intensify. You will all be witness in flesh and bones of what will happen within the years of 1982 and 1992. You will prove for yourselves and you will remember of what you have heard here in this auditorium in the Municipal Gallery of Guadalajara Jalisco. It is necessary that we pay attention because the End of Times has arrived.

By observing the eclipse it demonstrates that the Solar System is arriving at its final destination. It travels within the solar system of the zodiac and will end up as a catastrophe. On another point, the evil of this world is so great that it has now reached the heavens. Babylon the Great, the mother of all fornications and abominations of the earth shall be destroyed and then within this civilization of serpents all that will remain is the rubble over rubble.

However, as I digress I say this associates of great contempt know that this earth and all the books that you may read shall be burned. Certainly, the fire will commence in action once the arrival of Hercolubus. The force and interaction of that world in relation to us will so great that it will make the fire that runs from within the interior of the earth sprout forth. Then everywhere will surge many volcanos and a great fire will be propagated from the North Pole to the South.

Nevertheless, it is obvious that before this great event that Christ will realize true. (inaudible, and much is missing from the rest of the audio).

of Science. There will be rockets destined towards Mars. There will be rockets that will reach all the planets of the Solar System. They will be extraordinary inventions of arms (weapons of mass destruction). The people will prostrate before earth adoring the Great Beast and saying there is nothing like the official science, there is nothing like the anti-Christ. Very few will listen to the word of Christ before long. Now there are people who are not up to that. Within these difficult times they want a demonstration what they are interested are in things that are easy tricks of what the 5 senses inform. Those people would say, those so called mystical things from Texas and above are not important to me There is nothing like the Beast.


This particular Swiss note is from the ’6th Series’ of Swiss bank notes, issued in November 1979 and withdrawn in May 2000.

Look at the circles. The blue-green circles represent the orbits of the planets in our solar system. The red dot in each circle represents the location of a planet. The big red dot in the center represents our Sun. The first circle represents Mercury’s orbit and the red dot on this circle represents Mercury. The second is Venus. The third is Earth. Notice the blue dot circling the Earth, this is the Moon(which is emphasised by the symbol of a moon drawn near it). The next circle is representing Mars and its orbit. The next circle represents a planet with five moons, which is Jupiter(Jupiter has 64 moons). The final circle is Saturn with its moons(Saturn has 62 Moons). The red elliptical orbit represents the path of a long period object like a comet, which I think is Elenin. Note the blue object within this elliptical orbit and its tail.

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