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The Writings of Samael Aun Weor – The Teachings of Gnosis

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… to eliminate the psychological ego and to awaken consciousness … must practice the Three Factors for the Revolution of Consciousness. The Three Factors are the foundation and the essence of the Gnostic Esoteric Work. By practicing the Three Factors ….study Gnostic anthropology in an experiential manner, and to verify its validity through direct, personal, and conscious experience. In this way we will not naively believe or disbelieve, but rather we will know the truth for ourselves.


Death, Birth, Sacrafice


Soil, Water and Sunlight


Tantra and Spiritual Revolution


Mystery of the Golden Blossoming



TRANSLATION: A student asks: “Why… (inaudible), because we did not understand that your pseudonym is ‘Samael'(inaudible).. and your real name is another because it is according to the exercises you have done that you have found your true personality?”

Master Samael responds: “I am going to tell you the truth, the thing is that “Samael” is not a pseudonym that I use. There is the belief of those, without them being paid, who state that I truly am Samael. Have you ever heard or read of the Kabbalah where it talks about Samael? He is repeated (in the Kabbalah) as the Regent of the Planet Mars. An angel, an archangel a Being very well named.

Well, the crude reality of the facts is that I am Samael, and I say it with all the frankness that I am (Samael). And if I had to go before a firing squad to say that I am, I will gladly do it however, I already have the firing squad before me (He is referring to the Judges of Karma). In reality, it will not cost me a thing, I will do it.

Why has it been stated that an angel for a certain period of time was a demon? Simply put, in the central plateau of Asia where the Aryan race started on the face of the earth, I then made the mistake of Count Zanoni. I had an immortal body, a Lemurian body from Lemuria. I saw Lemuria sink within the 10,000 years (of existing) in the Pacific Ocean. I new Atlantis in which I lived for some time with my Lemurian Body. I saw Atlantis sink and I accompanied Manu Vavaisvata (the Biblical Noah) in his exodus. And so we fled from Atlantis with the “select people” bound for the central plateau of Asia in which I still conserved the same body (Lemurian body).

Unfortunately, I repeat I made a mistake in the ancient continent of “Acha” (Asia). In the Himalayas there already existed different kingdoms, and I lived in one of those kingdoms joined with all those who were able to save themselves from the catastrophe that was Atlantis.

I was prohibited to take a wife because for the “Sons of God” it is prohibited to take a woman. It’s that I wasn’t in need of her (a spouse)… but I disobeyed. My heart (intuition) failed me in that regard (***meaning he didn’t receive the intuition telling him to not disobey***).

So I took on a spouse and as a result my Divine Mother Kundalini called me towards a deep cave and showed me the “luck” (destiny) that was awaiting me. I saw rain, tears, enormous sickness, misery. I saw myself as a wandering Jew before all the towns of the Earth. I asked Her (Divine Mother Kundalini) for forgiveness, I had promised that I would leave that woman (his spouse). Even though I loved her (his spouse) I would do it… to serve (His Divine Mother Kundalini), to not evade, to repent (this demonstrates the backwards logic of the newly created Ego). Once I entered into the mistake it was already too late. In other words: *Once the insane or mentally ill escapes not even ‘Santa Lucia’ can do anything about it.* (*which loosely means: I asked forgiveness for the committed crime, but I was already too late).

Conclusion, that splendid immortal body from Lemuria fell and ended up submitting myself to the wheel of births and deaths like any other common person* (*he literally says ‘son of a neighbor’ which is a common saying in Spanish).

This is why the Real Being of my interior is certainly the Regent Monad of the planet Mars. Regarding myself, I am his Bodhisattva; but since I converted myself into a fallen Bodhisattva, all of the egos had reemerged within me. Well, I had converted myself into a true Devil according to the height of the big fall.

Moreover, in this existence I comprehended the necessity to eliminate all the psychological aggregates and to realize the Great Work and to return to the Father. So that now I am speaking to you in the manner with the ‘heart in hand’ (truthfully)… I am Samael.

Aun Weor is my name as a Bodhisattva, Samael is the physical name of my Monad. I am cognizant of the “Dawn of Life.” I (the Logos Samael) assisted in the dawning of Creation. I’ve known of humanity since creation occured, since the heart of the solar system began to palpate after the deep cosmic night of the “Great Pralaya.”

I came here because here is where I was destined to be; my deep Inner God, my Father who is in secret who is within me, sent me for the purpose of serving humanity! And I think that I am doing it, I am working for humanity. I remained fallen for many centuries…that is the truth, but thanks be to God I have now risen from the mud of the earth. Now I am dedicated to work in the Great Work of the Father.”


TRANSLATION: It is very important to understand that the Master sometimes spoke only to people who truly understood him and who truly understood the depth of Kabbalah. Therefore many of the speeches are not really meant for the listener to take many of his words literally.


“In these precise moments we are finding ourselves in the beginning of the end. Within the Apocalypse it tells us of the Beginnings of the End. We are precisely within the end of all times, in the end of the Kaliyuga, in the end of the 4th Beast. You will soon see the fall of the great cities of the world. New York, Washington, Paris, London will be left into dust. The earthquakes will frightfully intensify. You will all be witness in flesh and bones of what will happen within the years of 1982 and 1992. You will prove for yourselves and you will remember of what you have heard here in this auditorium in the Municipal Gallery of Guadalajara Jalisco. It is necessary that we pay attention because the End of Times has arrived.

By observing the eclipse it demonstrates that the Solar System is arriving at its final destination. It travels within the solar system of the zodiac and will end up as a catastrophe. On another point, the evil of this world is so great that it has now reached the heavens. Babylon the Great, the mother of all fornications and abominations of the earth shall be destroyed and then within this civilization of serpents all that will remain is the rubble over rubble.

However, as I digress I say this associates of great contempt know that this earth and all the books that you may read shall be burned. Certainly, the fire will commence in action once the arrival of Hercolubus. The force and interaction of that world in relation to us will so great that it will make the fire that runs from within the interior of the earth sprout forth. Then everywhere will surge many volcanos and a great fire will be propagated from the North Pole to the South.

Nevertheless, it is obvious that before this great event that Christ will realize true. (inaudible, and much is missing from the rest of the audio).

of Science. There will be rockets destined towards Mars. There will be rockets that will reach all the planets of the Solar System. They will be extraordinary inventions of arms (weapons of mass destruction). The people will prostrate before earth adoring the Great Beast and saying there is nothing like the official science, there is nothing like the anti-Christ. Very few will listen to the word of Christ before long. Now there are people who are not up to that. Within these difficult times they want a demonstration what they are interested are in things that are easy tricks of what the 5 senses inform. Those people would say, those so called mystical things from Texas and above are not important to me There is nothing like the Beast.