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Our bodies are like radios(receivers) that pick up and transmit messages, but the origin of the message is from other realms.

There is a constant stream of info flowing into us at all times- it is a matter of “clicking” on the “computer screen” to see which ones we will view.

We are starting up different “stations” as human beings where we are creating light in different areas, little sub “channels” where we use the divine “frequency” to speed up this process.

To walk in the light, we must free ourselves from the attachments we have on this earth—– It is a gradual process for most.

There are light beings– strategically placed in areas of great energy flow and consciousness that are being “tapped” on the “shoulder” so to speak, that are carrying on this work.

The predetermined locales will act as “substations”, for channeled information– connected by specific PLACEMENT of beings “tuned” in to that frequency.

These beings will be connected through their psychic and collective consciousness,
and through their opened Pineal, (which will act as a receiver/transmitter for the information necessary to carry on this great “work”),

As the ~density and frequency~ of the planet ~shifts, the use of technology for communication will not only be obsolete, but it may in fact, be impossible.

It will be necessary to communicate psychically with each other, and to tune in and connect with this source.

We will be given the instructions as to how to do this and will have everything we need available to assist others who have not awakened in this awareness who are on the verge of this discovery.

It is for those who “know” to instruct and assist those who are on the “tipping point” and to aid in the true understanding of “self”.

This will come in many different layers, as the earth shifts- these energy centers will act as portals for mass information.

2011 : Year of Illumination




People come into our lives for a reason….