October 2011

Have you realized that you are the creator of your reality?

And that you have the power to re-create it as well?
We can rise out of third density… out of this dimension of limitation.
What we focus on very strongly… can become images… real and tangible.
We have enjoyed limitation enough… time to return to our true consciousness…. yes?
The majority of the consciousnesses of this Earth have decided and agreed… ¬†we want peace and harmony.

Noah’s Ark… hehehehe… write something about this later…

Have you heard that slogan FIRE THE GRID from Children of the Sun Foundation….

Don’t Fall for it…



Background audio uses a Golden ratio principle which was coded
into this meditative sound-scape with extremely precise frequencies.
(Bliss Coded Sound)



The gigantic, 8th century Kailasa Temple at Ellora, Cave 16,
was chiselled from solid stone

It consists of a gateway, antechamber, assembly hall, sanctuary and tower. The temple is connected to the gallery wall by a bridge


Virtually every surface is lavishly embellished with symbols and figures from
the puranas (sacred Sanskrit poems).

The “Flower of Life” can be found in all major religions of the world. It
contains the patterns of creation as they emerged from the “Great Void”.
Everything is made from the Creator’s thought.
After the creation of the
Seed of Life the same vortex’s motion was continued, creating the next
structure known as the Egg of Life.

The complete flower has the other two layers added, making it three dimensional.
If you relax (sit three feet away from the screen) and let the flower
slowly draw your eyes out of focus, the flower will open. Try and not focus on
any one point, blankly stare, take the flower in as a whole. You may get a
headache and itchy eyes, this will quickly disappear. We do not see with our
eyes, we see through our eyes. Let your mind focus…..


This four hundred-footer arrived in Wheat, July 4th

below Hackpen Hill (between Avebury and Barbury Castle)


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