Geostrategic researcher and historian F. William Engdahl comments in the article below that, when Gates, Rockefeller and Agribusiness get together on a project, it is prudent to take notice. Indeed.

There is a highly public side to the “International Seed Vault” in Svalbard, a group of islands above the Arctic Circle and under the rule of Norway since 1925. A search of articles reveals that an association of benevolent philanthropists are financing an arc, of sorts, on the magnitude of Noah, to preserve the plant kingdom against an apocalypse.

But there is no evidence to suggest that God has commanded the most diabolically ruthless schemers in history to protect His creation by gathering seeds for safekeeping in a frozen vault. If past deeds are any indicator, those who have taken it upon themselves to locate and store seeds in this secure facility are not benevolent servants of humanity; they are not the preservers of life. So, what are they really doing?