All the oil pumped down Enbridge’s North B.C. pipeline will be spilled

One way or the other, every gallon of tar sands crude oil that Enbridge wants to pump down its proposed B.C. pipeline will be spilled into our environment. All of it. Every drop.

Any crude that Enbridge doesn’t first spill into B.C. lakes, rivers, streams, Great Bear Rainforest and wild coastline, will instead become a gigantic burnt oil spill dumped into our destabilizing atmosphere and acidifying oceans.

This spill will be so large that it will wipe out all efforts by all Canadians to cut climate pollution. Once spilled it will continue for centuries to turbo-charge our weather systems, over-acidify our oceans, harm people and damage the ecosystems we depend on. It takes nature thousands of years to remove burnt oil once it is spilled into our air and oceans.


This is a map of all the environmental damage Enbridge has already done. Map of incidents on the inside passage for 6 years ending with Jan 2009….,_Dave__-_TSB_Incident_picture__-_A2K0J5.pdf?nodeid=774384&vernum=0&redirect=3


On December 5th 2011, after a weekend of emergency clan meetings, the hereditary chiefs and members of all four Gitxsan clans publicly shut down the office where a $7 million dollar deal with the Enbridge Corporation was announced on Dec. 2nd.

The Enbridge deal was brokered behind closed doors without the knowledge or consent of the Gitxsan people.

This announcement shocked the country and Gitxsan members alike, coming just one day after 130 First Nations made a formal declaration of opposition to Enbridge, “forming an unbroken wall of opposition from the US border to the Arctic ocean.”