The Higher Earth(5D) territories have evolved, since their consequential formation in 13,400 BC, in a much more “positive” direction, as part of the “Universal Free Worlds” community — free from the Illuminati manipulation and genetic mutations suffered by the inhabitants of Lower Earth(3D).

The primary Templar Star-Gates interconnecting 6520 AD Higher Earth and present-day Lower Earth will open between 2012 and 2230 AD for potential “Slide” Ascension Passage by those of Lower Earth who can retain and awaken the genetic potential for biological Transfigurative Ascension–Slide-Transmigration through the duration of the planetary environmental anomalies that will occur on Lower Earth from 2012–2013 AD. For those who do not retain this genetic potential throughout the environmental changes of 2012–2013 AD, the option of Hosted Bhardoah Ascension spirit-passage will remain available till the end of the 2012–2230 AD period. Following 2230 AD, the primary Templar Star-Gates between Higher and Lower Earth will permanently close, and Ascension Passage from Lower Earth into the Higher Earth path of Eternal Life Higher Evolution will no longer be possible.


The meaning, in a nutshell: In 2012, the World is going to move into a new phase. The World as we know it today, will be no more!


It looks like that pattern that Foster Gamble found in the movie Thrive. You also see this on some crop circle patterns.


it means the alignment is happening (celestial)…it will be very interesting leading up to those moments…please see the documentary The Pyramid Code on YouTube to get more information as to the significance of this.


the pyramids form a clock or calendar which represents the third dimension of time (Precession of the Equinoxes). 2012 can’t come quick enough..let the light years begin!!


earth’s magnetic field is going to lose its power for few days, wherein human mind will be affected and they will be loss of humanity who cannot cope up during this time….its the only enlightened human being will be able to raise the level of consciousness to the level of earth’s power…..and the preparation for the enlightened being already been started…. sooo here in short we need to raise the level of consciousness in order of survival for the being inning of GOLDEN AGE


The Great Year is an archaic cosmological conception, found in different cultures, which acquired new interpretations with the development of astronomical knowledge[1] In the Western tradition Plato has been the main source for the idea, soit was also frequently called ‘Platonic year’ (Latin: annus platonicus). Nearly two centuries after his time Hipparchus established the period of equinox precession, a finding which took the same name and provided a value for it. Currently one precession cycle is estimated to be about 25,765 years. The Babylonian, Indian or astrological sources offer different views about the great year and its length. More recently coined is the “cosmic” or “galactic year”, the period in which the solar system moves around the center of our galaxy.


Things will get worse before they get better- that’s just human nature. The problem lies in the misalignment of wisdom and power. Those in power are lack the wisdom and backbone to make the right decisions for the changes needed to get us to a more secure place. Especially with the superpowers; they have become such an old boys club that their entire perspective of justice, fairness, and security has become absolutely perverted. Religion as well as religious leaders have failed us miserably in leading us to a peaceful, united world, with perhaps an exception made to the Dalai Llama. Insecurity, stubbornness, greed, envy and politicians keep nations divided.

As far as I can tell, the only way out of this mess is:

a. Abolish organized religion (especially Christianity and Islam) and redefine human morals and values based on the knowledge and wisdom that we have at the moment- not based on the knowledge from two thousand years ago. Faith and hope remain timeless virtues, but they are useless to us unless we approach them in a sustainable fashion.

b. The worldwide banking system needs to be torn down and re-designed in a way to limit those who not only profit at the expense of the poor, but receive bonuses for it.


c. simply make an end to all ‘civilized’ humanity- Indigenous peoples not living within the parameters of the modern world I would exclude from this ‘proposal’.

If I had more time I could probably rant on further, but these are troubling times and I’m concerned and disheartened with what I see happening around me. I think it’s pretty sad that men like Asad, Khadaffi, Mubarak, Hussein, (even Obama) are so selfish and disconnected from reality that they would rather see their own people suffer than lead them to a better place where everyone could live a more fulfilled life. Why is that so difficult? There are enough people that given the chance, they could help make the world a better place. No one is going to tell me that only the wealthy have what it takes in their heart to tackle the world’s problems- it’s just the exact opposite. At the end of the day, it’s values and humilty that we need the most.


Hasnain found the correct video. This will explain it very clearly if you just pay attention.