We are the creators and therefore masters
The “Occupy” movement is now spreading to other parts of the world reflecting a general unrest within the collective consciousness about injustice within our society. Here at Openhand we’ve been exploring the true meaning and value of protest. We’ve been asking: “how do we truly change our world right now, in a way that is better for all life? How do we bring greater equity, justice and harmony to our lives and across the planet as a whole?” To me, there is one truly effective way: to recognise that everything is consciousness, that we are the creators and therefore masters of our reality

Everything is consciousness

I’d say the first key to a really effective ‘revolution’ is to realise
that EVERYTHING is consciousness.
The system in which we live has been created by the consciousness
that humanity – as a collective – contains within.
The outer world is simply a reflection of the inner one.

It is therefore pretty pointless and counterproductive to get angry or annoyed with the situation. If we do that, essentially we’re already building a limiting relationship in our awareness to the ‘problem’. Like for example you might protest “I am a 99er” (I am one of the 99% being ‘screwed’ by the banks and big business). Well yes, if you say that and hold it in your awareness, that’s what you’re telling the universe and that’s what you create on the outside (“I am that I am”). You may not like what you see, but now by your resentment of it, you hold the very situation you detest in place by the limiting relationship you’ve created to it. That’s how consciousness works.

I note for example that in some places, a degree of violence boiled over. It’s clear that’s because of the anger and resentment being held inside the collective consciousness. Now that has spilled outwards and an even more limiting relationship to the old consciousness risks being cemented. That’s just what Opposing Consciousness wants us to do: fight the system so we hold the Old World Order in place. It is self defeating because it gives MORE energy and therefore MORE fuel to the very system we’re working to replace.

Looking in the mirror
In my view what needs to happen is that we need to start to change the outer by changing the inner. Instead of getting angry with the mirror, those who are waking up need to realise the outer world has been created by what we hold inside and then to start changing the inner.

Instead of getting angry, we need to look into the external mirror – IN EVERY MOMENT – and ask… “what is it that does not serve me about the situation in which I’m living?” If you find control, manipulation and poverty don’t serve you, then ask “why is it that I’ve created those things in the first place?”

Maybe I allowed others to control me because I’ve been sleepwalking: I wasn’t willing to take full responsibility for my own choices in life. Maybe I allowed a system to say what was good or bad, right and wrong? Maybe I allowed the planet to be manipulated for my own ends (in the things I’ve willingly consumed) and so now I’ve created the very situation of manipulation? Maybe I’ve held poverty consciousness within me because I associated true wealth with something I can buy rather than a sense of inner abundance?

It would seem right now, that a large part of the collective human consciousness,
clearly depicted in the protestations of the “99ers”,
is holding these inner limitations and therefore creating it as their reality.

Taking back our power
So in looking in the mirror and taking responsibility for what we’ve created, starts to empower us to truly change the mirror. If you don’t like others controlling your life, simply decide not to be victimised – take back your power. How do we do this?

Consider for example big business. A global market has been created that conditions and programs people in what they should want, need or desire. Most of humanity lives conditioned lives endlessly filled with artificial products they don’t need. Then they have to work ‘all the hours God sends’ in order to pay for them. They have become slaves to a system that is both destroying them and the earth.

But it’s not that hard to begin to change this again. We simply need to become conscious about EVERYTHING that we buy. Do you really need this? Explore the question deeply in every moment you spend something. Money really does make the matrix go around and it’s one powerful way to unravel it. When we stop buying the needless products big business creates and therefore exploits us with, is the moment the power of big business begins to wain.

Globalised business where things are shipped from one end of the earth to the other to fulfill a conditioned need, is perhaps the most destructive and manpulative of all. So even if at this time it is more expensive to buy local, why not do it anyway? Ultimately it’s going to be extremely expensive to keep buying global!

A revolution in the kitchen
Another big way in which we can change the outer is in our very own kitchen. When we buy non organic food – because it is cheaper – we subscribe to a system that is destroying the top soils, decimating eco-systems, acidifying our oceans and lowering our consciousness in the bargain.

Processed, mass-produced and preserved foods create ‘excito-toxins’ in our bodily systems that sucks our consciousness into it like water into a sponge. We lower our vibration and disconnect from the conscious life force through all things. Then we really are living in poverty consciousness and we’re allowing big agro businesses to both get rich and control our lives at the same time.

So growing our food ourselves or beginning to buy locally will start to change that dynamic. If you don’t feed the system, ultimately it will grow weak, wither and die away. Eating less processed food is ultimately going to be good for us and good for the planet. That’s why we’ve felt it so important to inspire change through Trinity’s Conscious Kitchen. And it’s why we’re so mindful of this on our courses.

True sense of abundance
People have grown poor because they’ve allowed their wealth to become associated with something they can own or buy. And it’s not just their material wealth that has become so limited, but also the sense of well-being…“If I want to be happier, more entertained, more comfortable and content, then I need to fix it by shaping or getting something out there”.

But true contentment comes only from finding completeness within. We are all that we need – literally. So can you sit by yourself in your own space, without any need of external stimulation and be awesomely okay with that? Speaking personally I know in the beginning it is not easy. I remember that to meditate I had to set an alarm clock for five minutes, then ten, then twenty, etc etc. Now I could sit totally at peace for days without needing anything, not even food, yet still feel joy and fulfilled inside. And I can find that sense of completeness anywhere anytime. As the Buddha said – “an ounce of practice is worth a tonne of theory”.

When you find such “God Consciousness” you will never go without. You will never feel poor because you will see the abundance of life reflected all around you, in everything that you see, touch, taste, smell and feel. Right now in our world people are poor because they’ve lost this sense of inner abundance. And money is simply energy. When we truly love life – the simple beauty of it – then life will ALWAYS provide exactly the energy we need to enjoy life – including money. But because people have associated happiness with money, then they’ve limited their joy to printed paper and there will never be enough of that. Simple joy of living on the other hand is limitless and will therefore never be limited.

People ask “but how do I find joy if I don’t now feel it?” To this I would say…

“Joy can be found anywhere at anytime. When you get up in the morning and have a shower, are you thinking about what you have to do today? Or are you feeling the warm water caressing your skin? When you eat breakfast, are you watching the TV? Or fully tasting what you are eating? When you’re on your way to work in the morning are you lost in thought about your work? Or do you notice the flowers and smell their scent? True joy costs only a little attention…yet is utterly priceless!

So changing the outer reality happens by changing the inner one. That’s exactly whatFive Gateways is all about. It demonstrates how we can each walk the path of expanding consciousness and that when we do, we begin to infuse that new consciousness into our lives and all around us. Simply holding higher energies is enough to ripple outwards like waves on a pond.

As we walk the path, our consciousness begins to change the way we live our lives. We become more complete in ourselves, abundant in our connection with unity consciousness and empowered in the lives we are creating with the divine.

When we truly start to live this way, that’s how we truly inspire others. Instead of trying to force people to change, they begin to yearn for change inside themselves. They will look to you and ask… “What is it that she’s got? What is that light that I somehow used to know so well? Why is it that they seem so happy with so little? Why is it that they don’t need junk food, possessions or TV to make them happy?”

People begin to notice the limitation of their own lives and then the inner inquiry can begin for them too. This inquiry alone can be all it takes to begin to liberate their soul.

To me this is what the GATEWAYS rEVOLUTION with a small ‘r’ is all about. It’s about how true revolution that brings meaningful change, can only be the product of our evolution. Instead of simply protesting about it, you and I can be a living breathing example of that, right here, right now, in every choice that we make. Let the rrrEVOLUTION begin!

Source:  Openhand Foundation : http://www.openhandweb.org/161011_gateways_revolution_changing_our_world_within