Over 80 years ago, in 1931, Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel prize for his discovery that cancer is caused by weakened cell respiration due to lack of oxygen at the cellular level.
Damaged cell respiration causes fermentation (otherwise known as death, or the deterioration of something that was once living). Fermentation results in acidity/the promotion of an acidic environment; therefore in order to counteract and even completely reverse cancer, we must ALKALIZE our bodies.
That’s it. Piece of cake. No cutting or splicing of the human body, no chemo, no terror, no hair loss., no funerals… nada. All it involves is proper care and maintenance of our bodies.
So how do we alkalize?
By oxygenating! 🙂
This can be done via yoga/deep breathing/meditation, exercising, eating foods that are alkalizing or oxygenating (both words are pretty much synonymous). Even thinking happy, positive thoughts has been shown to alleviate stress, and thereby reduce the amount of cellular fermentation.

Some cool facts:
–We gain weight and because what we eat is TOXIC–or has a high levels of acid. This explains why so many people diet but do not lose weight. The body creates fat cells to store acid and other toxins. For instance, almonds have 79% fat, whereas pork only has 58%. The difference between the two is that pork, as with all meats, is literally dead. When anything is in a state of death or decay it holds an acidifying effect on its environment as it breaks down. Pork in particular is at -38 on the pH scale, whereas almonds are at +3.42.
–Acidifying factors include hearing, thinking, or saying harsh/bitter/angry words; being in a traffic jam; feeling jealous or vengeful; over working; over-exercising; eating acidifying foods; inhaling, or being exposed to acidifying chemicals; and using electronics for too long (tvs, radios, computers, phones etc). This basically includes anything that reduces the amount of oxygen being delivered to the body (especially being in a stressful or fearful situation–wherein humans subconsciously begin to breath shallowly).
–Alkalizing factors include drinking fresh, pure water; breathing deeply; smiling or laughing; eating dark, leafy greens; eating citrus fruits; being in nature, singing or listening to/playing music, and thinking positive thoughts.