OK… I’ve been pretty calm… even after being inundated with all the world crisis’ and what not… I’ve been calm. But this one… I’m feeling really panicky and sick to my stomach….

Video above is of people helping dolphins back into the ocean after beaching themselves. Something is making them beach themselves.

I read this article last week… got a little emotionally comotosed…but remained calm.

April 4: 2012 615 Dolphins beached in Peru


Is the Navy sonar testing again? I know they’re sensitive to sound.



sonar radar is very possibly a cause of disorientation in sperm whales, a species which also uses echo location to find it’s prey. a short excerpt from this link
04/30/2012 : Now the Pelicans.
Some are speculating earthquakes for California….

… or… it just might be… something is rising… Lemuria??