August 2012

This page will be an on-going collection of information links regarding the recent Earthquake Swarms.

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Celeste will be leading the journey
Date/Time:  August 30th, Thursday,  9 PM  PST

From now until Celeste’s arrival,  from 7:30pm PST to “whenever”, Cierra will sit in the Journey room, for open discussion regarding these earthquake clusters and how it is affecting our “bodies”.

Earthquake swarm.. fires.. tornadoes.. hurricanes… hail.. damaging winds..


Earthquakes the last 7 days…

Earthquake Incidence…


Tectonic plate map….

Washington, Oregon and neighboring regions…

Earthquake precursors….


California Earthquake Swarm….

Spokane Earthquake Swarm in 2001….


Hold on… it’s a comin’….

Puerto Rico…  Enjambre sísmico causa 296 sismos en la trinchera de Puerto Rico


Matteo Walch has struck up an unlikely friendship with a group of marmots in the Austrian Alps

They are notoriously shy around humans, beating their tails and chattering their teeth to try to warn us off before emitting loud whistles to tell other members of their colony to flee.

But when these alpine marmots see Matteo Walch, they scuttle to his side and show him nothing but affec

tion.The eight-year-old built up a remarkable relationship with the creatures since first being taken to see them by his nature-loving family four years ago.

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Image Source: Christopher Walker

Wishing everyone the blessings of Lughnasadh, giving thanks for the abundance of Mother Earth and counting our own blessings – sending love and happiness to you all


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