A cottage in the woods, Hualian, Taiwan

Do not be led by the truth of others, only if it clearly and strongly resonates for you and you trust the source. Within you, you hold everything you will ever need and when you strip back the dressings and layers what lies beneath is your soul, the truth of the soul.

Find yourself, go deep within and connect with You. for you are truly beautiful, you are truly amazing. Find your own truths, what resonates so deeply within you. Be led by what you know to be true and that makes you feel joyous, happy, love and equilibrium. For within you, you have a wonderful emotional Guidance system. When you learn to tune in and listen to this, when things don’t sit with you well, your body will tell you through emotional states.

When you are happy you know you are happy because you feel the ripples of joy streaming through every part of you. When you are unhappy or things are out of balance or you do not agree with something or you feel a little odd, this is your amazing EGS (Emotional guidance system) alerting you to something that is not right. It is the same with physical pain within the human vessel (Body).

When something is not right you will feel pain or discomfort and your EGS will alert you to many things within you that are just not as they should be or that you need to listen to yourself and your body more.

CONNECTION is the key. Feel connection deep within. Feel yourself from within your vessel (body). Ground yourself and align yourself to your true source essence. Through meditation, quiet time, find yourself. For you are not the dressings, the controls, the ego or all the learned behaviours…. for they are all just dressings and hide the real beauty of your soul’s light.

See yourself standing underneath a waterfall with the water as clear as liquid diamonds, washing over you as you allow every part of you to be cleansed and released. Come into your divine light, release the real you.