In Bosnia was discovered pyramid. And it is neither a small nor insignificant pyramid. It is 220 meters high with a length ratio more than 360 meters. Is lined with sandstone blocks, which indicates the presence of an unknown civilization. They are not too familiar archaeology site. Today the pyramid is clogged with dirt and vegetation and therefore remained unnoticed.

Why was it hidden from the curious to look like a normal hill? Report of this extraordinary discovery spread rapidly around the world. Perhaps all the media visited the town of Visoko. That was in 2005. The oldest known pyramids in the world are in Bosnia. Agreed on the 90 percent of experts on pyramids from around the world. They added also that the Bosnian pyramids are also ‘The Largest’ by those. Archaeologists discovered five pyramids covered with grass, about which people have long thought that there is only a too symmetrical hill. Their age is estimated at 12-thousand to 26-thousand years.”
The Tunnels

Beneath the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids there is an extensive underground tunnel and chamber network which runs for a total of more than ten miles, connecting all pyramids and other places together. From in the very beginning (on discovery of an entrance) it was found that all side tunnels were closed of by stone walls and filled up with river bed material. It took a lot of time and work to remove some of them and take the fill material out. Following a tunnel that lead to the Pyramid of the Sun, they stumbled upon two open tunnels with water in it. They also had side tunnels that were walled of. One led to the Pyramid of the Sun. The entire tunnel was clear, with stone walls at the sides, and fresh water upstream. As the ceiling dropped, they continued to explore with a flat boat until the height was too small. It looks like this was a channel from a water well which starts under the pyramid. See below for pictures.A big breakthrough happened at the Second International Scientific Conference on Bosnian Pyramids held in September 2011 in Visoko, Bosnia-Herzegovina, where Klaus Dona presented a map of the underground tunnel system present in the Pyramid of the Sun. The map came from a a friend of his who works with sophisticated ground penetrating radar from satellites. It shows several levels (depth) of tunnels, probably connected to each other by vertical shafts, and couple of chambers.

Klaus Dona said that most of the chambers are empty, but one “contains bones, and something else that will surprise you when you find it”.

The tunnels are color coded: light blue is 5 meters ( 15 feet) under the surface, white is 10 meters (30 feet) deep, blue is 40 meters ( 120 feet) deep, brown is 70 meters (210 feet) deep, yellow is 150 meters (450 feet) deep, black is 180 meters (540 feet) deep, red is 350 meters (1050 feet) deep. The circles are rooms or hollow spaces.

Discovery inside the Bosnian PyramidMonolith blocks have been found in the tunnels. Here is one found in the Rave tunnel. Why they are there is not known.

This one, found in one of the tunnels, is a ceramic sculpture, weighing about 20,000 pounds. This would make it the largest ceramic object ever made in the world.

Age is determined at 12000 + old