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Monks Mound is situated about a mile from the Mississippi River, just north of East St. Louis, Illinois, in central United States.

The Mound Builders statesmanship, ambitious projects and workforce make them one of the most important cultures of World history.

The expertise of the ancient engineers that built the mound is shown through a complex layering of materials to build it. Inspection of the construction sequence of Monks Mound reveals that the final size and shape was part of a highly developed plan. All carefully layered stages of construction proceeded quickly as shown by a complete absence of erosion or layers of vegetation found between layers.

The mound has dimensions of 92 feet in height, 951 feet (290 meters) long and 836 feet (255 meters) wide. Monks Mound base covers about 14.4 acres and has a volume of about 21,551,623 cubic feet (610274 cubic meters) and consists of more than 2.16 billion pounds of non-local soil types. Other construction materials used in the mound include limestone slabs, bald cypress and red cedar posts.

Use of the limestone slabs in mound construction is important as a chronological marker indicating late Archaic construction (3000 – 1000 BC).

Construction materials for Monks Mound included only colored soil that is not found in the surrounding alluvial floodplain. The location of origin of the colored soil used in the construction of Monks Mound is now being researched. Soils were likely selected for their vivid color and brought in on rafts or on foot from hundreds of miles away. The blue, red, white, black, grey, brown, and orange soils colors were layered in varying thickness and areas throughout the mound’s entire construction.

Historian Rick Osmon stated “the Blue soil is very rare and is known to come from Clay County, Indiana and white soil may be gypsum powder, which is found in northern Indiana. Red and orange soils come from southern Appalachian areas.”

The energy required to move 43.1 million baskets to a great distance and then construct the mound is staggering.

Text by ©Vince Barrows, USA.
Photo : Wikipedia