Drago Kulic

There are 5 components of Seed Energy:

1. The Core –where our inner knowing and our “schematics” … our “sacred knowledge” of our specific path and contribution is housed.

2. The Multiplier – once our inner knowing is understood and our path recognized from the information within the core, the raw energy must then grow … and become strong … it must then be multiplied …. For, there is evolution in growth – in multiples of understanding

3. The Amplifier –now that the message and the code have been proliferated it requires strength to evolve; to move outwards towards the light –the energy patterns must now be amplified in order to begin to weave a fiber …

4. The Guide –now that the energy of form is ready for true manifestation there is always guidance required … where to allocate resource, how much, when, how fast … all of this is provided by the Guide

5. The Interface –upon physical manifestation and union with the environment the Interface is created –that aspect which joyfully and with courage and strength announces to the World: “Here I AM!”