542777_10151368898465579_508591125_nThese three Crosses [The Mutable Cross, The Fixed Cross, and The Cardinal Cross] are, in their totality of manifestation, related to the three basic energies which brought the solar system into being; they constitute the three major and synthetic expressions of the supernal Will, motivated by love and expressed through activity. Upon these Crosses, the ability to see the Whole, purpose-motive-expression, life-quality-appearance, shifts and changes.
Upon the Mutable Cross, the crucified man sees naught of the picture. He suffers, agonizes, desires, strives, is the apparent victim of circumstances, and is distinguished by a veiled vision and inchoate longings. These gradually take shape until he reaches the stage of acquiescence and aspiration.
Then he finds himself upon the Fixed Cross and begins to grasp the whole of the purpose of experience upon the Mutable Cross (as far as humanity is concerned) and to realize that there is a hierarchical purpose which can only be grasped by the man who is willing to be crucified upon that Cross. He reaches the stage of responsibility, self-awareness and right direction.
His orientation is now “the spiritually vertical which involves the inclusive horizontal.” At this stage, the Plan of the Logos begins to take shape in his consciousness. Upon the Cardinal Cross, the purpose and the unified consummations of the two earlier crucifixions become almost blindingly apparent and a vision of the unified intent of the three Persons of the underlying Trinity (each upon His Own Cross) emerges with clarity.~ Esoteric Astrology