I got some Furby’s for Christmas…   hehehe..  found an on-line manual

Furby Instruction Manual. It is fully illustrated from the Furby Manual and includes a couple of my own Furby scans. This manual was written back in October and has been updated with the newest changes to date, while not deleting any content, but adding the new content.

The Furby Manual has gone through changes since it’s first printing and I took time to find and make note of the changes between the original manual and the newest manual. Those Manual Changes are listed here.

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Table of Contents

Let’s Be Friends…
The Story of Furby……
Before We Can Play…
Shut Down

Getting to Know Me…
My Name Is…
Playing Together…
Watch Me Grow Up

How To Figure Out What I Need…
Other Activities: Sleep
Deep Sleep Mode

Games Furbys Love To Play
Furby Says
Ask Furby
Hide and Seek
Other Activities: Dancing, Tricks

Communicating With Other Furbys
Replacing Batteries

Cleaning Instructions, etc.
Trouble Shooting
90 Day Warranty
FCC Regs..
Quick Start Furby Instructions
Hide and Seek Notes