This was brought to us by Aymee Winchel in recent posts and it is wonderful to see. The stones are numbered and the list corresponds to the list.: Grandfather Michael

Ojibwe Indian stone medicine wheel

… Key to stone medicine wheel:
1.Creator – Center of life, the Medicine Wheel itself.
2.Earth Mother – Gives us our home, and lives.
3.Father Sun – Warms life, source of energy and light.
4.Grandmother Moon – Guides dreams and visions.
5.Turtle Clan – The element of earth. Growth and life.
6.Frog Clan – The element of water. Cleansing.
7.Thunderbird Clan – The element of fire. Energy.
8.Butterfly Clan – The element of air. Transformation.
9.The North – Knowledge and wisdom.
10.The East – Daybreak, Illumination. Spirit.
11.The South – Youth and innocence. Emotion.
12.The West – Introspection, Looks within.
13.Snow Goose – Direction.
14.Otter – Balanced female energy.
15.Cougar – Leadership without insisting.
16.Red Hawk – Observant. Messengers of the Gods.
17.Beaver – Builder and do-er.
18.Deer – Power and gentleness.
19.Flicker – Music.
20.Sturgeon – Moving through life, swimming.
21.Brown Bear – Sweetness of truth.
22.Raven – Keeper of Sacred law.
23.Snake – Power of creation. Transmutation.
24.Elk – Stamina. To go the distance.
25.Cleansing – To make clean. Purify
26.Renewal – To begin again.
27.Purity – Clean and innocent.
28.Clarity – Unclouded. Free from darkness.
29.Love – To delight in a higher state of appreciation.
30.Wisdom – Knowledge and sense. Intelligence and foresight.
31.Illumination – To enlighten. Cast light upon.
32.Growth – To become. To change from one state to another. To advance.
33.Trust – To place confidence in the reliance on the integrity and friendship of another.
34.Experience – Knowledge and understanding
35.Introspection – To look inside.
36.Strength – Power and vigor of mindSee More