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Most of us, till the end of the 20th century have been aware that we are occupying our space with one universe. When the new reconnective frequencies arrived on the planet Earth, we are able to interact with the other planes of dimensions and with the other conscious beings.

This is a quantum leap from five-sensory communication to multisensory communication. With this movement we are able to go beyond our basic five-senses.

One from the simultaneously occurring planes of existence was channeling the six phrases to Dr. Eric Pearl. Even he/she was not visible in the room, he/she is someone who understood how to cross from one plane to another. He/she knew how to introduce him/herself into a physical plane in our world.

It is true, the problems that we have, cannot be solved at the same level of thinking, as we used to think in the moment of creating them.

nonvisible light

Some individuals are in touch with one or more alternative universes, which are different from our well known universe. They exist in the same time in several dimensions and joined these universes somewhere in the quantum foam. All these universes are tied to one another by the vibrating strings. We relate our experiences to our limited five-senses on Earth, because we don’t know anything else or anything different from that. As a client (at first), and later, as a healer, I feel the wind in my hands in a still room. Sometimes I am smelling amazing fragrance, sometimes sparkles, or presence of higher beings. Somehow, I am bringing others to a place, where they are interacting with other dimensions.

I am assisting my clients in their transition into “real human beings.”I am taking them beyond their basic senses. This is the direct help to evolve beyond their limits. The real human being means to exist above and independent of the physical experience. This is the material limited world which will be unlimited with reconnecting strings.

We have to make our language limitless, because it is limited by our dimension. We want to become “attuned” to a frequency or vibration, and to understand with words. But, for now, it is impossible. Our words have only meanings in the 3rd dimension, “which is not existing,” any more. Till 18th of February, 2013, we will be complete in the 5th dimension with our mother Earth.

existence of multiple dimensions

To attune means to bring into harmony with; to vibrate means to move back and forth rapidly; frequency means the number of occurrences ( whatever we are measuring) in a given period of time. Here are the meanings of these words from the 5th dimension, and from my point of view.

To attune to a higher frequency means to come into harmony with a reoccurring movement that occurs at a high number of repetitions per second. Then, we begin to feel changes into our body. As a client (at first), and as a reconnective healer, I am able to recognize these changes in vibrations.

The communication of light and information is finding a way to make itself known to me. As a person, who will be reconnected, you can feel the same and the process of attunement is encoding in you, while you are reading this, or you can discover it in the moment of reconnection.

reconnective frquencies

reconnective healer
reconnective transition
to attune
to vibrate
light and information
the frequency
magnetic reconnection

It is generally known that the energy is weaker with distance. The energy in the reconnective continuum is something else. It is not weaker with distance. The transformation with the reconnective frequencies, happens in a way of exchange information, actually, light and information. The information transfer does not depend on the amount of energy, which is carrying it. In the reconnective healing we do communication/information exchange.

Vibration, as a repetitive movement, and its effects go far beyond our senses. We are not able to distinguish it. The frequency of the energy’s wave motion is different. Colors are different frequencies of visible light as interpreted by our brains.

Heat and cold are different frequencies of molecular movement. So, everything in the universe consists of vibrations occurring different frequencies and full of information. We are walking between the different worlds and we live in our own worlds, as well.