When around 620AD the Khazars annexed the last Zoroastric stronghold of

the Sasanids in Caucasian Albania, a melting pot became boiling  of
Jewish, Orthodoc, Zoroastric, Manichean Elkasaitic Essenic and Jacobite

believings, on which Silvanes short after reformed his Paulicism . It
spread around rapidly in Anatolia, Persia and the Caucasian mountains.

After the Jewish conversion of the Khazars in  740AD,  Paulicism,
because of their celebration of the Sabbath, became the main stream of
Christianity in tolerant Khazaria.
A similar puritan Moslim stream were called Kharijites in Bagdad.
(Salians in the Coran)
The Khazars became known in Hungria in Europe under the name of
Cazzars, after the Khazar backed invasion of the Maygars.
Under the Khazar emperors on the Byzantine throne, Leo III , the
Iconeclaster,etc., Paulician farmers settled themselves after 750AD in
the Balkan, what they called Albania as well.
With the return of the Orthodox emperors on the Byzantine throne, the
Paulicians were deported to Thracia twice in 870 as prisioners of war
and in 970 as a military buffer against the Bulgars, who called them
after their priests Bogomils, men of God.
After the fall of Khazaria, the Jews swarmed as Askhenazi (Khazars from

Asov) and the Paulician Christians as Cazzars to the west, where they
got from Frederic II the so called “Gazari assyl”. Gazari became in
Italy and France the name for the Albigenses (from Albania): Cathari.
There was a Cathar concily where a Bogomil bishop ordenated 7 Cathar
priests and converted 2000 people into Cathars.
The remnants of the Cathars, after the Cathar crusade, returned
eastwards to the countries where Bogomils and Paulicians still were
tolerated: Moslim Bosnia and Khanate Kazan of the Mongols.
Khazar Cathar, Ketzer, Paulician Bogomils: its all in the same name.

Source:  https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/soc.culture.jewish/3FhNzfQVbtk

Cathars of Lanquedoc : http://www.cathar.info/

Khazar Empire and it’s downfall – translated from Russian Khazar Empire Koestler


Benjamin Freedman

What is going on in the world today…  also keep in mind… this is an opportunity to test your discernment.





Update:  10/29/15

Jews claiming Khazar story is a myth.