Mary Magdalene was 3 months pregnant, when Jesus suffered, and survived his crucifixion. The crucifixion went as planned with a late day crucifixion and the vinegar and gall, (gall is poisonous snake venom), producing a death like coma that convinced the Roman soldiers that Jesus was dead.

His crucifixion was planned to occur late in the day, as by Jewish law, dead bodies had to be buried by sunset. As planned, it was late afternoon when the torture of his crucifixion began. Thus, Jesus’ physical body did not have to endure further torture by hanging on the cross for a long time as Jesus’ body was quickly taken down from the cross.

Jesus was quickly taken down and rapidly moved into a nearby cave where he was immediately resuscitated by herbs brought by family members. The herbal combinations brought by his uncle, the Joseph of Arimathea, quickly purged Jesus’ body from the poisonous snake venom.

And so it was that though it took some time to recuperate, Jesus lived for over 30 years after his crucifixion before he consciously Ascended back to the Barbelo, as explained later in this document.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s first child was a girl and she was named Tamar after Jesus’ mother, whose full first name was Mary Tamar. Then, four years later Jesus Junior, or Jesus the younger was born and seven years after that, at the age of 41, Mary Magdalene gave birth to their second son Joseph in 44 AD.

However, Joseph was not born in the Holy Land. As depicted in the Book of Revelation, he was born far from his father Jesus, in Gaul, (southern France). It was when Mary Magdalene was pregnant with Joseph, that she and Jesus made a difficult but necessary decision, that for the safety of their children that they would separate and live on different continents.

The Roman Empire was fearful that Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s children would used to lead a Jewish revolt against Rome because their “Bloodlines”, or DNA were the uniting of the lineages of Sumerian/Israel Jews and Egyptian/Judah Jews. Thus Rome’s soldiers began looking for Jesus, Mary Magdalene and their children.

This entire story was written up by John and included in his Book of Revelation 12:1-12:17. The dragon’s 7 heads represent the 7 hills of Rome. The dragon itself represents first the Roman Empire and later the Roman Empire’s New Testament forms of Christianity. John’s verses in the 12th chapter portray Mary Magdalene, (with the 12 star crown of a Divine Mother), giving birth to Joseph in the wilderness, far from Jesus, while being pursued by Rome.

As prophesized in 12:17, the dragon/Rome, (the Roman Empire’s New Testament forms of Christianity “went to make war, (mass murder through inquisitions and witch hunts), with the remnant of her seed, (Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s descendants), which keep the commandments of God, (the true heavenly commandments of God, not the earthly ones attributed to Moses), and have the testimony, (the DNA memories), of Jesus Christ”, (and the Divine Mother Mary Magdalene).

Just as prophesized, for almost 2,000 years, the Roman Empire and later the Roman Empire’s New Testament Catholic and Protestant churches of Pauline Christianity’s false teachings repeatedly suppressed the truth, and sought to kill Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s descendants.

And so it was a tear-filled goodbye when Jesus, and a very pregnant Mary Magdalene and their children parted in 44 AD. However, the family stayed in contact using the “Bilocation Technique” that Jesus taught Mary Magdalene, (as she described in her “Gospel of Mary”), and that Mary Magdalene taught to their children.

Teraphim were also used to communicate between Jesus, Mary Magdalene and their children. The parting was difficult but both Jesus and Mary Magdalene knew that it was necessary and their Love for their children was greater than their need for their own personal comfort of each others companionship.

There are many legends that still exist today about this event from long ago. This event is supported by a vast amount of historical information and also by our own family records on how the “Three Marys” arrived in Gaul, (today’s southern France).

Now, unknown to many people, but as stated in public historical records, Mary was a title that was used 2,000 years ago by spiritually adept priestesses of the Jewish Essenes, which is why, Jesus mother’s full name was Mary Tamar and Jesus’ wife was called Mary Magdalene.

Mary Magdalene was the head of an order of Nazarites and was entitled to wear black robes, just like the male Nazarites and the priests of the “Universal Mother” Isis. Later, Mary Magdalene upon becoming “One who Knows the All” was entitled to wear the Red Robe of a High Priestess, like Mary Salome-Helena. (It is the same today, priests and bishops in black, while cardinals wear red).

In 44 AD, Mary Salome-Helena, High Priestess of the Order of Asher, Mary Jacob, the wife of Cleophes, the apostle Philip and Mary Magdalene’s sister Martha among others landed with Mary Magdalene and the children in Gaul. Since Marys were known to be high ranking spiritually adept women, anytime 3 Marys and a Martha gathered in one place, news traveled.

And so it was in 44 AD, the 3 Marys, Martha, Philip, Tamar, Jesus Junior and a few others arrived at Ratis, (known today in southern France as “Les Saintes Maries de la Mer”), where they began teaching and healing people in the ways that Jesus had personally taught them.

The 3 Marys, as high ranking spiritually adept priestesses who had been taught by Jesus, were able to use the Energies of Unconditional Love to heal the bodies of the physically sick and exorcize the Minds of the emotionally ill, while also baptizing spiritual seekers and teaching them the way of the Jesus’ and Thoth’s Enlightened Essenes.

The 3 spiritually adept Marys became known as hieroduli, which is Greek for “Sacred Women”, (Greek was the language of that area until the 5th century AD). However, there were many sexist men in the world like Peter and Saul/Paul who hated women.

Even before the Roman Empire forcibly took over Christianity, there were many angry males in the world, who followed the evil Saul/Paul’s false sexist teachings about Jesus. It was such evil angry individuals as Quintus Tertullian, who followed the false teachings about Jesus by Saul/Paul, who spread their hated of women into the Pauline version of “Christianity”.

The Saul/Paul follower Quintus Tertullian wrote in the 2nd century, “It is not permitted for a woman to speak in church, nor is it permitted for her to baptize, nor to offer the Eucharist, nor to claim for herself a share in any masculine function, least of all to priestly office.”

And so it was that in the 2nd century, descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene as well as students of the 3 Marys were teaching, healing, giving exorcisms and baptizing people using the energies of Unconditional Love, in the same way that Jesus had personally taught the 3 Marys.

The energies of Unconditional Love enable and empower one to expand one’s Conscious Awareness beyond the constraints of a 3rd dimensional physical body’s earthly energies into the joyfilled 4th dimensional Emotional Body’s heavenly energies.

In our advanced Love Energy Techniques seminars, we teach participants how to use the energies of Unconditional Love to heal people’s sick 3rd dimensional physical bodies and exorcize demonic energies from people’s sick 4th dimensional Emotional Bodies.

Unconditional Love is an ultra high frequency energy that enables the atoms in one’s 3rd/4th dimensional Mind and 3rd dimensional brain to glow in golden energies. This process creates the halo effect, that is seen in ancient paintings.

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The effectiveness of women’s healings, baptisms and exorcisms really infuriated every male dominated group of people in the Roman Empire who followed the false teachings about Jesus devised by the sexist Saul/Paul.

The sexist teachings of Saul Paul can be seen in the words of his woman hating follower Quintus Tertullian, “These heretical women! How dare they! They are brazen enough to teach, to engage in argument, to undertake exorcisms, to effect cures and even to baptize!”

In this way, evil sexist men following the Roman Empire’s New Testament’s hate filled Pauline teachings translated the Greek term of “Sacred Women”, used by the 3 Marys and their students, into French and English as “harlots” due to the spiritually immature ego centered sexist teachings of such men like Saul/Paul and Tertullian.

And so it has been throughout the centuries that the Roman Empire’s Catholic and Protestant churches using mindless ego centered people like Douglas Dalby and greed oriented merchants like the NY Times have continued the suppression of women. (It was during centuries of Catholic Inquisitions and Protestant witch hunts that many thousands of descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, along with spiritually adept women healers were murdered in order to suppress the truth).

Pieces of truth when placed together will begin to create a magnificent mosaic of wonderfilled historical spiritual information and wisdom. The truth about the Black Madonnas has been deliberately hidden from people by the Vatican. There are over 450 mysterious Black Madonnas that still exist in the world today and they are located primarily in Gaul.

First of all, if you haven’t seen a Black Madonna in person, please realize that the Black Madonnas are not negroid in racial characteristics, the color of Unconditional Love is black. The color black was used to represent an obtained, or gained energy, or ability, not an inherited one.

At one time there were far more Black Madonnas in the world, but many were destroyed by sexist men who followed the false version of Jesus and the sexist teachings of Saul/Paul. Click Here to listen right now to the gift of a Black Madonna that Jesus sent to Mary Magdalene in the 3rd extemporaneous lecture from “The Secret Autobiography of Jesus the Christ” in a $9 downloadable recording, (or to order a $15 CD).

In the vast amount of wisdom that came from Thoth Hermes Trismegistus, which Jesus and Mary Magdalene translated into Greek, was an immense amount of information supporting the fact that there are only the energies of God’s Unconditional Love and Unceasing Light throughout our universe and in all of creation.

Long ago, people knew that the energies of Unconditional Love are the answer to everything. The energies of Unconditional Love are magnetic-electro energies and thus they appear to be black in color. In ancient times, Sophia was depicted as the female representative of God, the Divine, or Universal Mother, and she was portrayed as a black woman because of her Love Energies.

Long ago, the one remembered today as Mary Magdalene, the Love of God, descended with Jesus, and incarnated in a human body, in order to become a Divine Mother. And so it was in 63 AD that Mary Magdalene, surrounded by family and friends, closed her eyes for the last time and left her physical body in southern France, a land that she had come to love.

Far away, in the Holy Land, Mary Magdalene’s permanent Emotional Body/Holy Ghost and Spiritual Energy Fields of Consciousness suddenly appeared in front of her husband Jesus. Upon suddenly seeing Mary Magdalene in her permanent Emotional Body/Holy Ghost and Spiritual Energy Fields of Consciousness in front of him, Jesus smiled.

And so it was that as Jesus smiled, he closed his eyes for the last time and in front of several family members, he completed his lifetime upon earth as Jesus, and disappeared in a Physical Body Ascension to join Mary Magdalene in his permanent Emotional Body/Holy Ghost and Spiritual Energy Fields of Consciousness, and together, they returned to the Barbelo.