In Vacaville ..  October 23rd –  Skies filled with atmospheric geoengineering trails.  Every day until November 8th.

Nov. 8th, High winds.. .30mph in town but less in other surrounding counties.

Wildfire hit Paradise, CA

Deborah Tavares California Fires, Directed Energy Weapons, & the Globalists Push for Genocide


the Powers that Be will do what they will do.  The best we can do is PREPARE.

Aerial Images and video –  Testimony is a bit ‘iffy’ and confusing. .. but videos and images are something to consider.

Ben Shapiro is editor-in-chief of The Daily Wire and host of “The Ben Shapiro Show,” the top conservative podcast in the nation. Shapiro is the author of seven nonfiction books, including The New York Times bestseller Bullies: How the Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences America (Simon & Schuster, 2012).

Published on Nov 8, 2018

Ben Shapiro presents on the current issues facing California and the future of the state.

Questions and Answers


The guy in this video is a bit superficial about saving his cars than the workers, however, there are some interesting view of the fire.  Take a peek at 9:24 and 10:04.  Notice the fire line.  Looks familiar, doesn’t it?  These fire lines are DEW laser fire.


If you’re not familiar with Non-Governmental Official agencies like ABAG and SCAG, they push the Agenda 21 initiatives under the guise of sustainability.


Comments to the video…

Lost my house in this fire. It was ungodly hot, and fast. No warning, no ems message…just cries of “get out now!” being heard through the neighborhood. Oh and look up SB901. Oh and another thing, this fire was planned, just not the way it went down when or where.
Marie S
SB901 full of their NWO double speak as they call that thing:  Wildfire Preparedness and Response.   It should be called: “The Serf’s and debtslaves of California will pay the millions and millions of dollars for PG&E to burn them up and off their own land bill.”         —–>  ” SB 901 also creates a process for electrical utilities to seek approval from the California Public Utilities Commission to recoup costs from ratepayers in addition to utility shareholders, for 2017 and future wildfires”.
And may I just add, this wasn’t just Paradise that was lost. It was also the towns of Magalia, Gorda, and Concow.
Live near there but didn’t move there because of traffic problem. One narrow high way in and one way out. Horrible tragedy. Betcha they only allow stack n pack compartment living back in there! They have gold there in the hills of the feather river. Hmmm?
Those that lost their homes will probably not be allowed back in to rebuild .. this time. Watch.
Wish the people of Cali would rise up against their local governments.. Guarantee you will have help.. People in EVRY State is sick of watching what’s happenning to Cali.. If they take Cali down. Believe you me.. Other States will be a breeze..Stand your Ground!!!
Here in Columbia, S.C. they put in these stupid bike lanes and the citizen’s raised so much hell they did away with them. MORE MONEY WASTED.


Chemtrails = nano barium = droughts! Chemtrails = nano particulates of aluminum oxide saturating the forest with accelerant = like saturating the forest with lighter fluid = more intense forest fires! Droughts + flammable materials = more intense forest fires! Our weather is being held hostage by Geo-engineers ie chemtrailers!


Nano particles of aluminum. Very flammable! Especially when on dry brush trees and roofs
Will Wel yea they say the same chemicals that are found in chemtrails are the same chemicals found in thermite.
Was going to say, it burns like thermite!
KingCoin 420 firefighters have already stated that these fires are like fires they have never seen before. Bigger, hotter and faster.

Sunset Cliff
I live in Penna, a small town. We got rid of a car lane and made it into a bike lane. It is 5 degree windchill today. The area is mostly elderly. Elderly are not going to bike errands when they have difficulty getting a shower. The population is aging… so more and more people are not going to be capable of brisk walking, or bike riding.
Marie S
San Diego has it all figured out they have built Stack and Packs beyond the imagination (I guess the younger generation doesn’t see the resemblance to the old  failed  tenement /projects of years ago?) because they now are called “apartment homes” anyways…back to what they have planned for us….as they crowd us together in apartment cells we are then suppose to rent their public scooters (yes like those you child plays on) or rent their public bicycles if we must leave our house, although I am not sure they want that now. Yes the sick, disabled and elderly will just have to join in their grand communist NWO UN Agenda 21 fun until the American people mobilize and take their country, communities and schools back from these sick Marxist fools.


If there is in fact a trend towards people not wanting to drive as much as the woman in the video claims, it’s because the government is forcing them in that direction via rules, regulations, and taxations that make owning and operating a vehicle an increasingly difficult proposition.
United We Stand
Rockefellers Built the United Nations. They have their dirty hands in everything. Schools, Pharmaceuticals, Depopulatons around the whole world.
Mike Andry
United We Stand What makes it more abominable is that the Rockefellers were “professing Christians” who didn’t practice TRUE Christianity!
United We Stand
@Mike Andry Nobody can profess to be a Christian when they look to Depopulate the world as Rockefeller began to do many years ago when he traveled to India. That’s when Rockefeller’s Depopulation Plan first began. Murder as many people as you can for profit !!!

I remember when they first built the skyway out as a four-lane highway between Paradise and Chico. Well, I remember my parents talking about it I should say. My grandfather worked for the Paradise Fire Department in the 60s and 70s. He said the Skyway was so important because it would give people a way to escape out of town. He was always warning that if Paradise ever caught on fire, the whole town would burn and thousands would die. Fire protection was always so important to the town. It was always discussed. To know that these communist bastards did this road narrowing to my hometown.. there are no words to describe my anger.

cattily they died as a result of chemtrails, DEW (direct energy weapons, primarily the athena laser they flaunt in the media, smart meters seem also to cause power surges that fry the wires in the house form the INSIDE out, looks like kiln when you see the wreckage

When we were told to evacuate my ex had the car and was out of town. I have a 3 year old and a 4 year old daughter and they both require child safety seats.. Our house was located on Pentz road which at that time was a evacuation route that only takes about 12 minutes to get you down the mountain to safety. I stood on Pentz with my two daughters and attempted to hitch hike a ride and watched in horror and disbelief as cars refused to stop for 15 seconds and pick us up as they drove to safety. Most of the vehicles only had one driver and no occupants and plenty of room. Finally a woman was on my street checking on her friend saw what was happening and immediately picked us up but a minute before they closed down Pentz as an evacuation route. They instead re-routed us on a road which quickly turned out to be a death trap. Total suicide in a more dense forrest. The road was very narrow and the heart or eye of the fire was headed right at it stronger than ever. People were directed down Pearson road only to find it was a parking lot that wasn’t moving surrounded by fire and smoke so thick and dark you could not see the sun. It was like midnight with no moon or stars shining. People behind us blocked anyone from backing up.. People panicked and some got out of their cars and attempted to make a run for it. Many didn’t make it very far because of the high heat and smoke inhalation and their clothes were catching on fire. Those abandoned cars effectively blocked the road and people just 50 feet behind them had no idea and were sitting ducks. The woman that picked us up saved our lives. None of us should be here right now. We were totally engulfed in flames and both the woman and I were on our cell phones saying goodbye to people. It was about 150 degrees in the cab and my kids were screaming. I covered them with my jacket and knew it would be all over in less than a minute. By the grace of god the car in front of us moved forward about 30 feet and we quickly moved forward enough to get out of the fireball. I got out to make sure our truck was not on fire. On the left side I saw about a dozen bodies. Some holding their pets. The problem is my 4 year old daughter witnessed exactly what I saw. We are alive but my daughter is having some terrible nightmares. I have had a child psychologist keeping close tabs on her. When I get the time I will seek help myself. I have never experienced anything so horrible in my entire life. It has had a very profound effect on my life. Losing my home and everything I owned seems so minuscule. I am more than grateful we survived. There was no traffic control, cops, firemen or anything on that road. We were just herded into a huge ceramics kiln to fend for ourselves and most everyone there was not thinking straight at all. Just reacting to the heat, lack of air and their clothes catching on fire. I cannot speak for the rest of Paradise but I can say what I saw where I was at early that morning on Pearson road. I kept wondering where the huge air tankers were. I felt a moment of relief when I heard what sounded like a huge jet somewhere above us so I got out again to look and quickly discovered the sound I was hearing was the fire on steroids.

PARADISE Fire – November 8th 2018

Aftermath drone video – November 14th 2018

Published 11/17/2018

Published on Nov 11, 2018

This video clip shows clear evidence that the California fires are not random forest fires, but have actually been deliberately created through the use of advanced technology that is used to target housing.

Compilation of California Wildfires

Published on Nov 20, 2018

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Published on Nov 15, 2018
The burn patters on the road bridge with steel girders seem to indicate some unusual fire behavior. not sure but I think there may have been some kind of wood decking spanning those heavy steel girders. ugh. guard rail posts completely gone. bent girders. at the end of the bridge, it looks like girders have collapsed. wtf. and those plastics bins so completely melted into thin strands but not scorched. how does plastic flow like that. too many anomalies

Published on Oct 18, 2017 – not science fiction…

California Gets Cooked | Fires Created by Microwave Directed Energy Weapon

I had heard, while Obama was in office, that he made a deal with China for Idaho… but for California?

President Trump Takes Questions Before Going To CA 11/17/18 | Fox News November 17, 2018

President Trump Departs Early for California

Trump arrives in California to survey wildfire damage

President Trump Press Briefing Surveys Damage of California MASSIVE Wildfires Devastation

  • Governor Brown refused help from the Feds in October 2017 / July 2018 fires.
  • Finally concedes for help from the Feds for November 2018 fires
  • FEDS are moving in and taking over clean-up operations.   That was the point…. for the state to let the FEDS take over.
  • The next point… to make Brown witness the aftermath of HIS PART played in the UN Agenda 21 initiative.   CLEAR THE LAND.  Killed a lot of people this time.  Take it to your grave, SIR !!

President Trump URGENT Press Briefing at Wildfire Help Center in Chico, California

A little info on Gavin Newsome and Gov. Jerry Brown and california politicians…

DARK TO LIGHT: Exposing the 2018 Midterm Elections


This is our action plan that got distributed in April 2018

This is our california warning flyer this year…   tells us what needs to be done and an inspector comes around to make sure everyone does it or else they do it and charged accordingly.

County residents are charged extra taxes for fire protection… which I don’t mind paying every year because the services are EXCELLENT.  Response time is almost immediate.

There is a facebook page for notifications and requests for animal temporary housing.

Vacaville fire proection district:

Land donated to house fire equipment (i.e. fire fighting gear, helicopters, planes)



Transmitters look like this…

These transmitters were installed in March 2018.  PGE claimed they were ‘upgrading’ the systems.

Smart Meter

… apparently a smart meter was installed on the house in 2009.  It’s took me this long to notice.  I had to call to find out.


Chemtrails in the sky….

Started on October 23rd… and every day until Thursday, November 8.




On November 8th we had high winds in Vacaville, CA… 28 mph.  Surrounding areas were a bit less… which made me nervous. I thought we were next so I kept a cautionary eye.  By 1pm, I smelled smoke.  I was out doing errands at the time but rushed home.

The fire was in the town of Paradise.   Just minutes away from Chico.  It didn’t take long for the smoke to reach my area.  By Friday, the smoke blew it’s way throughout the bay area.  I had to travel to Oakland/Berkeley/Alameda on Saturday to pick up donations and the smoke was horrible.  People reported having a hard time breathing.   For the next two days, I was smelling a chemical smell that drove me crazy.




Vibrational frequency

Tuesday, November 13… ripples in the sky.  We would not normally see this with a clear sky but todya, the clouds reflect the vibrational frequency still being emitted.


…  and here we have it.


November 14, 2018 – started 12:19 pm

Deputies are currently on scene, working with @Vacaville Fire Protection District and @CalFire, who are on scene fighting a 5-7 acre brush fire in the vicinity of Gibson Canyon and Cantelow Road.

AlertSolano notifications were sent out to residents in the area as a precaution and Sheriff’s Deputies were going door to door on Jenny and Pamela Lanes with the same message, “be prepared”.


Updated Info: As of 1:45pm, per Battalion Chief Walton of Vacaville Fire Protection District, the fire on The 7000 block of Gibson Canyon Road, Vacaville is 100% contained and there are no further evacuation orders in place.





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