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Matías De Stefano is an Argentinian 22 year old, who could be described as an Indigo child. He has been allowed to activate the area of the brain where all the cosmic memory is registered. His purpose in life is to share his memories with the people, helping these to organize their own information. Also one of his essential missions is to help create a new education that can adapt to the new paradigms of the children of our time.

Matis talks about the mass influx of indigo children who have chosen to incarnate here at this particular time, as well as what to expect with 2012 and how he was able to recall his past lives, which included working with the Akashic Records.

Matías De Stefano website: http://www.ghan.com.ar
Prohibited Education website: http://www.educacionprohibida.com
21Davicinho Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/21Davicinho

Transcription:  http://www.in5d.com/transcription-total-recall-matias-destefano.html

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Maybe you guys missed this file but on this site they tell you how to make a HAARP ELF VLF Monitoring device. Its a low cost low power unit designed for people to monitor their activity.

You cant ask for better than the people that built and run the antenna telling you how to make a DIY weekend project to check up on them.



Site back up again

Update 3/21 please be sure to watch this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTRTjLa8SWQ so you will understand a little more about how wayback logs sites.

Also be sure to catch me on Joyce Riley’s “The Power Hour” show on the 23rd where I will be discussing this topic.

UPDATE 3/20 This is why they call it “whistler” http://replay.waybackmachine.org/20040404014050/http://www-star.stanford.edu/… its the audio file found on this page http://replay.waybackmachine.org/20040404014050/http://www-star.stanford.edu/…

Another BIG FIND!!! Just found it tonight

UPDATE: Do not comment about the fact that people have thought for years that HAARP to be a weapon. WHAT IS BREAKING ABOUT THIS is the finding of the government website that confirms and talks about it. After watching dutchsinse’s video where he located a new antenna array. I remembered seeing something like that on the HAARP site long ago. so I went to the way back machine and actually found the archived version of their early site still enact with videos and imagoes.

Here is you proof, they are called the VLF Group, of course VLF is very low frequency, but they describe in their own words on the front page of the web site WEATHER MODIFICATION. Eat it illuminati!

UPDATE: For those of you looking for a way to catch them in the act look at this paper. http://europa.agu.org/?view=article&uri=/journals/ja/ja0212/2000JA003019/… it gives you the needed info to establish and differentiate the source of the waves.

You better copy these pages, because they wont stay up long after this video hits.

The VLF Groups web site

VLF Group Science Background


HAARP’s old site

Original site

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The United States has more oil reserves than Saudi Arabia but this happy though shocking information has been covered up for years.

The wells have been drilled, it’s merely a matter of turning on the faucets to supply America’s needs for 200 years.

These astounding revelations have been confirmed by a 30-year veteran oil exe cutive with leukemia who has decided to speak out.

In 1980, Lindsey Williams wrote a book, The Energy Non-Crisis, based upon his eye witness accounts during the construction of the Trans-Alaska pipeline. As a chaplain assigned to executive status and the advisory board of Atlantic Richfield & Co. (ARCO), he was privy to detailed information.

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… so tell me again… why is America buying oil from other countries?


Not Obama’s fault. He’s just a “do as you’re told” puppet for the corporations that really run this government.  AND the common population?  Manipulated slaves that think we have freedom and kept dumbed down with our “indoctrination toys” and TV.  Sorry folks… just mad at myself thinking that this country still maintains values that I was brought up to believe.

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Earthquake forecaster Jim Berkland warns of a ‘high risk’
seismic window and potential for a massive quake
poised to strike somewhere in North America in
between the dates of March 19th and 26th.

Berkland points to the recent mass fish die-off
at King Harbor near Redondo Beach as a harbringer
of a potential catastrophic quake in the near

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She defines the problem and defines solutions.

So… after listening to this… there are solutions that can help rebuild the country’s economy. However. if people are able to figure out solutions, they are quickly investigated and stopped by our government. Nothing is legal except what they centralize and control. Our government is no longer OUR GOVERNMENT.  CORPORATIONS OWN OUR GOVERNMENT.

She has a point… they want us to incur more debt. We won’t stop paying our mortgages and won’t stop working to FEED THE MACHINE to protect our retirement benefits. What if… we stopped working? What if we all “cashed out” at once. They already stole SSI. I don’t plan on seeing that when I reach 65… if I ever reach 65.  I think it “cashout” time.  

It comes to mind… why is our government not interested in rebuilding our economy? Why are they poisoning our food? Why are they so interested in centralizing our healthcare? Why are they trying to enforce inoculations? Why are they PUSHING indoctrination tools and TV on the masses?

They know what’s coming?  Do they know something we don’t know? Have they BOUGHT-IN to the end-times theory? Are they MILKING the masses before  that time?

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