I had expressed previously about my impression of what Bigfoot was and why it appears then disappears at almost an instant.
Highly evolved and chooses nature over technology. They show us that time is an illusion. They show us how it’s possible to jump between dimensions using sound and light. The original indigenous ones.
That popped up in my thoughts as I was typing it. Like… automatic writing? (that idea triggered from another video you sent that inspired thought).
This is the first time seeing this video. His experiences. The images from the camera taken with light surrounding the main subject, the pictures drawn with circle and line drawn to it. Vocalization … our sound is new to them. They are telepathic… like… dolphins use sound. They are multi-dimensional and can create dimensional doorways.
We’re at the beginning stages of being able to create our own doorways but only those that have good intentions and have loving natures can step though.
Have you heard of the LHC (Large Hadron Collider). Scientists are trying to create multi-dimensional travel synthetically. There’s one in CERN, US, China. There are probably more around the world. In the millions to build. A kind of “escape hatch” for the elite maybe? Problem is, to move into a 5D environment requires positive emotions. Elites can only exist where there are negative emotions.
Telepathic communication… Their preferred way of communication is telepathic. Dimensions are starting to blend together. He says…. Time is an illusion. It’s always NOW. Then is NOW. There is significance in the marbles.
My note… Marbles? Do you think he means our spirit body or astral body?  There seems to be an urgency to get us to move into the 5D realm.  We have all kinds of help from different sources.  Those benevolent to nature will choose to listen to the Sasquatch and they are so loving in nature… they are happy to help.
On another note…. Once we move into the 5D realm,  if we come back into 3D, we won’t be able to remember anything because our physical DNA is blocked.

Question about disclosure – Can the world deal with ‘disclosure?’

Q said we may never know about 40% of what’s gone on. The world lived through the trauma of 911 and all the other false flags. It is said the people will short curcuit if they know the truth but surely the world deserves the truth no matter how bad it is?


My response – Only those who have been working on themselves, to the point of being able to take an objective or neutral viewpoint or who has some understanding at least of the higher perspective involved. Those who can stand in ‘judgement’ without fear or the need for retribution and revenge will have the tools they need to handle full disclosure and even they will be ‘tested’ to the limits of their training.


Very difficult stance to take and the majority on this planet are not ready. There will be a minority of individuals who take the lead in this. Those that can deliver the information in a certain way with healers & therapists on standby. Most people can handle the financial and political scandals, although even that will be very tough for them, it is the black magick, ritual abuse and the creation of the inverted matrix, trapping of souls and consuming of lifeforce that will be very difficult if not impossible for most people to understand.


It is not about how bad it is. People won’t be able to understand it. They will ask questions like Why? Why are they doing this? If you then try to answer that question honestly then you just as well be speaking a foreign language. This cannot be understood in it’s entirety from a third dimension perspective. Half the people perpetrating these crimes don’t even know why it is happening. Many are brainwashed/mind controlled into these behaviours. The rabbit hole goes deeper than most people know. We will get disclosure but Q is correct that some of us may never know the depth of this. This is far, far worse than 911 or false flags. When Q says ‘short curcuit’ this means complete breakdown. We do not want to do this to people on a grand scale. Some will know more than others when it comes to disclosure. That is the way it will happen.


The way to deal with this dark and hidden knowledge of the underbelly of our planetary society is to understand the light as well. One cannot survive in balance if one takes in darkness without the light to counterbalance. Luckily there is a Starseed somewhere near everybody. Yes, that’s right, EVERYONE knows a Starseed/Lightworker/Master/Adept and has access to their information and assistance if they want it.


Disclosure needs to move in stages and in waves. Preparation needs to have taken place and for those that bury their heads in the sand, this WILL be a real challenge.

The best thing one can do is start to wake up and research NOW (both the light and the dark) so that when these disclosures become public you have at least had some preparation.

The energy of balance will not allow psychological and spiritual breakdown across this planet. The veil of secrecy is a double edged sword, as in you live in a reality you do not know or understand, which puts you into a false illusory matrix. Yet that illusion is your protection if you do not have the tools to integrate the truth. The double edged sword may harm you or serve you, yet the sword you need is Excalibur, the sword of truth.

EVERYONE can access the knowledge of this planet, within both positive AND negative polarisation IF they have been knighted by Excalibur.

Magenta Pixie

When you ‘call the Dragon’ or are ‘called by the Dragon’ you are exercising your intention and following your blueprint to unify the human body template meridians into synchronisation and alignment with planetary, galactic and cosmic grid structures.


There are many ‘gridworkers’ that have been working behind the scenes to balance the meridians and streams that are the grid structures.

Now the gridwork intensifies as the leylines that link to stargates begin to ‘open’ and ‘come online.’

The gridworker numbers increase in order to fulfill this new work.

We welcome these ‘Dragonriders’ as they and their Dragons take their places as they build the bridges and activate the stargates into the New Earth. 

“The Nine” through Magenta Pixie

This contactee was given access to the mysterious book of life, where he had the choice to go forwards or backwards in time. He had the opportunity to interact with this alien intelligence through means of programmed sightings, telepathic communications and physical encounters; experiences that triggered in him a big hunger for knowledge.
As the experience of Rahma unfolds, the contactees formed in its protocol, have the tendency to witness more specialized content or information, and in Enrique’s case, he was flooded with experiences related to what this beings called “The 4th Dimension of Consciousness”, missing time, time travel, communications through time and, as years pass by, even the creation of a whole philosophy about how to transcend our time line though the use of consciousness.
Starting from 3:00
The BOOK – Akashic Records. Records of all life since the beginning of time.
The TREE – Tree of life.
He hears… “ You have to find the power… the strength of the living… “
— We are multi-dimensional beings. We have forgotten how to use our power. It’s time to remember.
He hears… Give life to those who live in shadows.
— Once you regain your power, you will see behind the “shadows” and awaken to things that were kept hidden.
He hears… Give strength to those who live in witness.
— Support others who see Truth. Support those who experience hardship greater than yours.
But as for you, Daniel, conceal these words and seal up THE BOOK until THE END OF TIME; many will go back and forth, and knowledge will increase. Daniel 12:4
— We know the book is Akasha. End of time, might be End of Cycle (end of Kali Yuga).
— Civilizations with rise and fall and each time, as we retain knowledge, we grow. We begin to remember where we came from.
COSMIC man. – it is what we will evolve into. From carbon based to crystalline/silcone based.
To him who overcomes, I will give some of the hidden manna. I will also give him a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to him who receives it Revelation 2:17
— the white stone is crystal.
— to him who overcomes… understands negative and positive energy and learns to live in love and acceptance.
— hidden manna – food for the pineal gland…
— He will merge the crystal with the carbon based body. This will allow the body to support higher vibrational frequencies.
Cosmic names.. terminations
EL – names of angels or titles (Michael, Uriel, Gabriel, etc.)
IM – elohim, ibrahim,
AC – Issac
Telepathy is not only the transmission of thought. It’s more than that. It’s also feeling… like love and caring… like that of family.
He says… you are not the one to be transmitted to. You are the one who needs to go to the group and prepare yourself. Be in service to the group. Then I will assist you.
— I do know that to be like … an antenna … you must know how to control it or else the information comes in too fast.
Some people don’t want to know the truth. They want to know that what they already believe is the truth.
— what we believe is how it is.
This … is a holographic universe… a fake reality. It’s your journey and your journey may not be the same as someone else journey. Everyone will have a different perspective.

People were asking what are reptillians? They are simply other human beings that have evolved upon a planet other than Earth, originally being seeded from a reptillian form. That’s it. Happens all over the universe/multiverse. Life seeds itself from an infinite myriad of points. The majority of them are no more reptillian than we are ape. Some look more reptillian than others but they are humanoid and they are people. Another way of explaining them is to say they are individualised presentations of polarised consciousness.

Just like us, there are negative service-to-self groups and positive service to-others groups. The benevolent, loving groups who have been helping this planet for centuries don’t call us ‘apes’ so why do we refer to them as ‘reptillian?’ We are all humanoid form.
As for wanting the negative groups to stop attacking us and leave our planet then all I can say is, stop feeding them!

Negative beings exist upon a juicy diet of anger, hatred, jealousy, war, frustration and fear. It’s called ‘resistance.’ What you resist, persists.

If you are ‘being attacked’ by any negative beings then it is a sign you need to do more integration. Its not a failing in your part.

Integration is something you are here to learn and it is integral to the process of ascension. Once you start to integrate, become soverign and stand within integrity, light and love, then ‘negative entities’ cannot touch you. They find loving emotions quite unpalatable.

So if they do ‘attack’ you, look at what you may have done to give them ‘permission’ to do so. When you discover what you have done, you will find you are very grateful to these beings for showing you, your own shadow side. Your own negative behaviour.

When you stand in gratitude for their ‘teachings’ (unpleasant though they may be) you find these beings will ‘change form’ into a much higher vibrational aspect of themselves (in their resonance with you and your learning.)

As long as you shout from the rooftops how much you hate them and how much you insist they leave (from either a victim or aggressive mentality) the more they shall make this planet their home. Well, 3D Earth anyway.They do not exist within 5D Gaia.

Reptillian presentation there is through the wonderful, protective, loving force of the Dragon.
Just a heads up because there are many individuals, including consciously aware starseeds who are still ‘feeding the sharks’ as it were. They are hungry, if you want them to leave, stop feeding them.
Integration not frustration!


People are too quick to judge, it’s in our nature. But these beings (reptilians) are said to feed on our ‘looshe’ which is negative emotion. It’s what they want so why do we give it to them? They are what they are for a reason, as are we.

We must focus on mastery of thy self to ascend as a collective consciousness and be around positive influences, not get caught up in this segregation. I send love out to all beings, because the ones out for themselves need it more than the ones who have a heart full of love for giving to others.


a lot of times our perceived “enemies” are just the flip sides of ourselves in an alternate reality:

This image is of the Nexus Ribbon from Star Trek Generations

The idea is that if we enter the ribbon it takes us into the higher 4th dimension.  There, you can create your own reality.


Scientists may be capable of demonstrating the existence of parallel universes thanks to the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). So far, this has been impossible to prove empirically.

Let us remember that LHC is a machine run by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), located 175m below the surface under the French-Swiss border. Its main purpose is to accelerate protons until they reach 99.9% the speed of light and then make them collide. The purpose of this is to study the conditions under which the universe was able to emerge, according to the Big Bang theory.

The LHC has led to proof of the existence of particles which had only been predicted in theory, but never in practice. Such is the case of the Higgs Boson. The importance of this particle lies in its capacity to provide other particles with mass, hence generating matter. Because of this, members of the press have taken to calling it the “God particle”. On July 4, 2012, a particle was discovered which gathered the features described in the “Standard Model,” which described the elusive Boson.

Now, scientists worldwide are focusing on detecting mini-black holes which, should they indeed be found by the LHC, could prove the existence (so far only theoretical) of extra dimensions and parallel universes. This would also lend support to so-called “String Theory”, which posits that the entire universe is made up of strands of energy (known as “strings”) which generate subatomic particles when they vibrate.

Why hasn’t a mini-black hole been discovered yet? This is mainly due to the fact that, according to the new “Gravity’s Rainbow” theory, the energy needed to generate black holes is between 9.5TeV in six dimensions and 11.9TeV in 10 dimensions. Currently the LHC can only generate 5,3TeV.

Because of this, The Telegraph reports that CERN will be gearing up and updating the LHC so that it may generate two times more energy. If theory stands, the update could achieve the needed energy for the detection of black holes.