I’m coming to understand on ever deeper levels that everything I see is a reflection of something going on somewhere inside of me, and that everything everyone sees is a reflection of their inner beliefs and processes, even though they might originate deep in the unconscious part of themselves. As I bring those unconscious parts of myself ever more into awareness, life becomes ever more clear, rich, and full. Yummm!!!” ~ Fred Burks





Did someone mention a Full Moon? And a Lunar Eclipse? Perhaps a Solstice? Even without those things we have such a full ‘calendar of events’ just now.

The Full Moon is in Gate 15 line 2. I believe this gate to be a multidimensional portal, in that it triggers a shift in us that allows us to move from one dimension to another. We do this through the ‘mechanism’ if you will, of changing our relationship to time.

The key theme is patience to allow what is arising to inform us of new realities. When we go slowly enough to hear our inner voice and the song of our heart, we can love and nurture our own im/perfection. In this newly integrated place, we easily unlock the doorway to what we have been unsuccessfully seeking till now.

Doubt becomes understanding, critisism becomes support and confusion becomes contentment.

Cierra \ci(er)-ra\ is a variant of Ciara (Irish, Gaelic) and Sierra (Spanish), and the meaning of Cierra is “black; saw”.