Heat your home with 240 aluminum cans…

RA 240 SOLAR MAX Solar Heating System from Cansolair

Published on May 14, 2010 at 5:39 AM

Cansolair offers the RA 240 SOLAR MAX solar heating system. The energy output of this model is rated as 1200 to 2400 W and utilizes 31 W for the purpose.

This panel weighs 130 lbs and has a width x height x thick dimension of 44 inch x 85.5 inch x 4 inch and at the center the panel has a thickness of 8.5 inch. This panel has more irradiance level and angle of frequency to gain more heat per square foot area.

The RA 240 SOLAR MAX solar heating system from Cansolair utilizes a curved UV stabilized polycarbonate lens. This solar panel is sealed airtight to prevent fogging of the lens or mold and maintains heat generation without drop. This model works on forced convection solar heating principle. The core of each panel module contains 240 aluminum cans. This unit is capable of changing the air in a 1000 sq. ft. room within 1.5 h of charging and maintains an environmentally friendly the air level in the room by utilizing only 15 min of sunlight per hour.

The RA 240 solar unit draws 90 cu. ft./min of colder and heavier air from the floor level through a filter by utilizing a powerful fan. The drawn air is pumped through the first check valve, a tailor made collector core and pumped back into the room by utilizing the last check valve placed near the ceiling, thus maintaining the uniformity of temperature in the room. This heater model utilizes 115v AC wall outlet /12V DC 220V-50 Hz. Intl. as power supply option.

Demo 11/2009

Mounting solar panel

Instalation  :

Step by Step Guide :



This unit is 60′ x 12’…. prefer double-wide… 30′ x 24’… needs to be on-wheels…




IBM Research has announced that it’s working on a highly efficient, low-cost system that’s capable of harnessing the energy of 2,000 suns. The system, which is targeted at dry regions such as southern Europe, Africa, the south west of North America, South America, and Australia, will have an overall efficiency of 80% — and, miraculously, be able to provide a source of fresh water, too.


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here’s a close up view of the back of Malator house on the Welsh coast – one of Future Systems few smaller commissions before the death of its visionary founder Jan Kapicky:

You can look through the house to the rugged and beautiful coast of Wales at St. Brides Bay. The house is set right into its own man-made mound on the top of the hill.

Most of it is underground for passive energy control.



The front of the simple Welsh hilltop home is wide open to the view to the coast. Yet it looks almost organic, set into the hill like a glinting jewel. With no taming of the wilderness around it, the house becomes one with the land.


Pods within the house concentrate the plumbing needs into one compact (mass production) unit that has a quaintly humorous and dated air, like a vision of the 21st century from the 19th.


Operable windows are round portholes set into the glass on both sides of the house – both the smaller back here, and the much more expansive front, facing the coast.








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