Apparently the jewish holocaust happened twice in the 20th century and happened to an identical number who suffered an identical fate.
Hidden history of the Khazarian fake jews who were renowned for deception and criminality before they stole the identity of the lost tribe of Israel.
The fake jews claimed they had been subject to a Holocaust in 1915 and that 6 million of them had been killed in Russia.
This lie was used to drum up public (Goyim) sentiment against Russia. This is remarkable considering the fact that fake jews invented, financed and directed the Bolshevik Party which was instrumental in destroying Russia and turning it into the Soviet Union. This also completed the eradication of the last traces of the Tartarian Empire.
So here we have the lying fake jews proselytizing a fake story about 6 million jews being exterminated some 18 years before Hitler came to power. At the end of WWII the Khazarians simply repeated the same lie against Germany. And the dumbed-down public bought it, hook, line and sinker!

Debunks the holocaust

This Is How The Jews Took Over

The truth about Protestant Reformation




Muybridge Panorama on eBay

A panorama of San Francisco was sold recently on eBay, by the auction company PBA Galleries of San Francisco. Listed as follows:
1142: Muybridge’s Panorama of San Francisco 1877 Title: Panorama of San Francisco, from California Street Hill Author: Muybridge, Eadweard Description: 11-panel albumen photograph panorama, each image approximately 7 3/4 x 8″, mounted consecutively on archival board with overall measurements of the panorama 7 3/4 x 85″, framed under plexiglass, overall the piece measuring 13 x 89 1/2″. Muybridge’s breathtaking 360 degree panorama from California Street hill, taken, it is believed by scholars, between May 23 and June 23 (due to examination of the shadows), and probably on Monday (people are doing their wash). Probably Muybridge’s most famous single work, providing not only one of the best views of the bustling metropolis, but also a wealth of entertainment upon close examination. This picture tells many stories. Visible in striking detail are the mansions of the rich and the dwellings of the poor, the churches, hotels, banks, and other features. Muybridge also produced a mammoth plate panorama of San Francisco, which is excessively rare, only 5 or 6 copies known to exist. The present, smaller version was issued folding into cloth covers. Provenance: Daniel G. Volkmann, Jr.

Cliff House 1896 to 1907

Open History .org


.. The Trail of the End, Illuminations marking the end of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition 1915
The exposition closed on December 4, 1915, a day of commemorative events that concluded with fireworks trailing from pilot Art Smith’s “aeroplane”.Over the next year, the grounds were mostly cleared of all evidence of the fair. Even water, power, and gas lines were removed so that land could be returned to owners in restored condition. Building were either sold for scrap or moved to other locations. A number of repurposed buildings, as well as murals and architectural elements survive today. Only the beloved Palace of fine Arts–rebuild and restored– remains in its original location. Preservation efforts, substantially underwritten by Phoebe Apperson Hearst, began even before the fair closed…

– An extravagant show of colorful lights shot across building facades and danced in the sky above the exposition. Rejecting the standard practice of “outline lighting”, which traced the contours of buildings with rows of bulbs, Walter D’Arcy Ryan of the General Electric Company forever changed architectural illumination with his innovative scheme. The most spectacular effects came from the installation of forty-eight giant spotlights sitting atop a miniature Morro Castle on the waterfront. Called the Great Scintillator, it was manned by Marines who moved the spotlights to project changing colors and patterns on the canvas of fog that rolled in from the Golden Gate. When the weather failed to cooperate, tubes hidden in flagpoles pumped smoke and steam from a locomotive engine into the sky. Bursts of steam that shot through the beams mimicked fireworks during celebrations.Ryan also designed an electric kaleidoscope inside the glass dome of the Palace of Horticulture and lit the palaces, courts, and Joy Zone in novel ways. This synthesis of art and technology cost an estimated $52,000, about $1.23 million today.

Taras Bulba was a Tartarian and a Cossack when fighting for the Empire.  From Khazaria

The Khazars were once considered (“Jewish Encylopedia”) to have spoken a Finish language as did many Steppe peoples of different origins.  There used to exist an opinion that most of the Fins did not enter Finland (from Scythia) until the 700s and 800s CE.  Nowadays this notion appears to have been dismissed though there probably is something to it.  There may be a connection between the Khazars and the Finish people.  The Fins of Finland in the 17th and 18th centuries believed themselves to be descended from the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel.  The Fins call themselves Suomi (“Shuomi”) which is said to mean “People of the Marshes” or something similar.  Nevertheless the name is not dissimilar to that of Simeon  (Shimeon) in Hebrew, and the Khazars were traditionally decended from Menasseh and Simeon.  Existings name are frequently re-interpreted and adapted to fit changing circumstances.  The Fins are probably descended from the lyrcae (or Turcae) form neighbours of the Nephtalite Huns.  The lyrcae (White Gyrians) were identified as Khazars in the Russian Chronicle (1100s CE)  In our work, THE TRIBES the finns are traced to the Tribes of Gad, Issachar and Simeon.  Khazars are the modern day Ashkenazi.  Khazaria is modern day GEORGIA.

Red Shield of the Rothchilds.  Note Saint George trampling or defeating the dragon (Griffin).  Griffin is the symbol for Tartaria.


Medea is an esoteric occult scientist

Remove the Vowels

Taking the letters, removing the vowels and turning the consonants into one symbol forward and backward and you get a message that is hard to deconstruct but you know what it means and we call it encryption.  It’s sort of like a cryptology mixed into hieroglyphic symbols because you don’t necessarily have a full phoneme anymore but there is representation of the consonants which is sort of this inherrest logic

What is the narration before the 1790s and 1830s?

Paris syndrome is an experience that affects some tourists who go to Paris and realize that the city did not live up to their expectations.  It causes hallucinations, delusions of persecution and anxiety.

Start 1:35:51

Starforts and churches…  see examples of buildings destroyed and where.

Mormon Island in the 1830s that’s burried under a lake in California because of a dam.  Stonework almost Peruvian and Gothic Visigothic.

Submerged ghost city around South America … example in Venezuela … built a dam to hide a church.  Rises again.   When it resurfaced, it survived.  They tried to blow it up.

There are also some in Canada ..  same thing.. dam

In Venice.. island call Poveglia. Used as an insane asylum and used for the plague.. also used as a biochemical warfare laboratory

Gulf of Mexico – Islote Bermeja

Tales coming from the 18th and 19th century are usually far fetched and exagerated.

Irish – deliverate famine – kill off, people were starved

Holodomor – Ukraine is the most fertile land in the world, the bread basket of Europe.  But when the Ukranians tried to assert independence from the USSR, The Bolsheviks, led by Stalin exterminated them through hunger.  In 1932-33, an artificial famine was brutally enforced and 10 million innocents and their animals starved to death.  Even as word got out, America and the world did nothing to stop it.  This unspeakable political crime against humanity.

Find The Lost Boy generation of the 1817.

History Revised Tartaria Documentary

Fake History of Australia:  Cities ready to be occupied for the Settlers 

Norumbega, a.k.a city of Bega, Nurumberg, Nurumbega, Nurembega, Norobega, Oranbega legend. There are quite a few fascinating occurrences related to this so-called “legendary settlement” located in the northeastern part of North America. Reading the official narrative of Norumbega, it appears that they do not outright dismiss its existence, but rather reduce its “correct” description to nothing but a small settlement. Obviously, the houses with pillars of gold, and inhabitants who carried quarts of pearls on their heads are being officially presented as an example of a 500 year old vivid imagination. To be fair, we do have very very old texts questioning the existence of this Norumbega City.

Terra do Nurumbega

  • First appearance on a map: originally spelled Oranbega in Giovanni da Verrazzano‘s 1529 map of America
    • Oranbega was allegedly discovered by Verrazano’s brother during his 1524 voyage
  • First land of Norumbega description: In 1542-43 Jean Alfonse described a land he called Norombega.
    • The river is more than 40 leagues wide at its entrance and retains its width some thirty or forty leagues. It is full of Islands, which stretch some ten or twelve leagues into the sea. … Fifteen leagues within this river there is a town called Norombega, with clever inhabitants, who trade in furs of all sorts; the town folk are dressed in furs, wearing sable. … The people use many words which sound like Latin. They worship the sun. They are tall and handsome in form. The land of Norombega lies high and is well situated.
  • First (and last?) visit of he city of Norumbega: In 1568-69 by David Ingram

Wikipedia Narrative – link
  • Norumbega, or Nurembega, is a legendary settlement in northeastern North America which appeared on many early maps from the 1500s until American colonization. The houses were said to have pillars of gold and the inhabitants carried quarts of pearls on their heads.
  • Jean Allefonsce in 1542 reported that he had coasted south from Newfoundland and had discovered a great river. It often appeared on subsequent European maps of North America, lying south of Acadia in what is now New England. The town of Bangor, Maine, embraced the legend in the nineteenth century, naming their municipal hall “Norumbega Hall”. In 1886 inventor Joseph Barker Stearns built a mansion 

Official narrative says…. Norumbega, Camden, Maine, completed in 1886 for Joseph Barker Stearns. The architecture of the mansion combines Châteauesque, Flemish, and Queen Anne motifs.

as of 1/2019… Off Market: $2,227,069 (12 beds, 13.5 baths, 10,330 sqft)

I’ll change the title later after I listen to this video.  So far it’s erratic as he attempts to explain.  He’s all over the place.  I can’t follow and it’s not because he’s talking too fast.  It’s because he’s getting too excited as he explains his theories and his internet keeps going down as he points to sites.  So… I’ll post the video and make reference notes.


Earthquake in Baja… dust in the mountain range… 7.2 earthquake.  Mountain falling.  Flash Flood example video.  When there’s an earthquake, water rises up.  The point is… he’s saying that the ground floats over water underground.

Reference:  Ockham’s Razor – this is where I get lost.  I don’t know why this is mentioned.

This old map from 1661 shows a lake in Africa.  Nile runs north. New maps needed at the beginning of the 19th century.   


I think what he’s trying to say is the mountain range fell in?



Calfornia used to be an island.  Shielded by the Sierra Nevadas



Fish River in Nambia looks like the Grand Canyon.   He’s trying to say that the water drained out.. up north to the nile.   Grand Canyon used to be filled with water.  Was there an earthquake in an area that created a dam, restricting water flowing from the south?

So… on maps in the 19th century, the lake in Africa disappeared and California is no longer an island.  Scientist say that this formation is billions and billions old, when in actuality it only happened around 200 years ago and with all the major earthquakes happening… around the 19th century, new maps had to be drawn up.

Did the parasites create these earthquakes.  Did they have technology to create earthquakes back then?  and why?

Under the Nile, Library of Alexandria.  In the Grand Canyon,  Egyptian temples.  Destroy the knowledge.

1747:  King Ferdinand VI of Spain had to declare that California was not an island because all of a sudden it was no longer an island.

He goes on to bring up the cost of wine.  I think it has something to do with wars and confiscating the other country’s wine, thus bringing up the cost of wine ???  Anyway, I think the point is, wine was found in Napa Valley circa 1787.  Chateau Lafite.  Thomas Jefferson’s (1743 – 1826)  favorite wine from Napa.  Wait… what?

I was taught that California was barren land and started from scratch in 1850 and the only ones here were native americans.  What is a thriving vineyard doing in Napa in 1787?

Reference:  Chateau Margaux 1787

The years 1789 to 1799 marked a turning point in European history. In France, calls for political reform were overtaken by a revolution that swept away the monarchy, the aristocracy, and the power of the Church. The revolution was followed by a REIGN OF TERROR.


Around the 16th and 17th century, the plague hit Paris one out of every 3 years.  So everyone either dies of the plague or gets executed or murdered, which is a perfect time for someone like Napoleon to take over while the numbers are down.  1792 – 1814.

Sold holding in America to the US.  Lousiana purchase of 1804.  Was this an elaborate plan between France and America?

In the meantime, the male line of the Habsburg became extinct.  Good time for Napoleon to take over land holdings.

Reference:  Ancien Regime | House of Grimaldi



Astana Khazakstan – he says this place is a cult city.  Need to research that.  I’ve heard of Astana.  There is no poverty, it’s clean, people are happy, everyone shares.  It’s buildings are unusual.  He calls it new world occult creepy.  I don’t agree.  I don’t get the point he’s making… but moving on…

He claims the jeruselem flag looks like the knight’s templar flag.  OK… That’s a possibility.

What is the Templar Trail

I don’t understand the significance to this reference he is making

Dutch East India Company founded in 1602 by the Knights Templar


1793 – hired Civil Servants

1815 – hired Judges –  what countries are they judging and setting up laws

1814 – hired Military personnel – to enforce those laws

Now we move to Morocco.  ughhh… they were established in 1956.  In Marrakech, the renovation of the palace Levada went from a ruin to a grand palace in 18 months.  Meaning they had to dig it out.   Mud flood?

France, Montpelier – mid 1800s, after plagues, the french revolution, and Napoleon, things started a citydue to advances in winemaking …  St. Roch, Police de Justice and Spire at Saint Anne’s

Bologna Italy 1614, city was occupied by Austrians

Photos of the Holy Land from the 19th century sell for $1.4 million dollars

Digging out the cities in Egypt.  Might want to take a photo of it.


Egyptian Obelisks all over the city… with hirogliphics… in rome… 19th century.


True Earth, Worldwide Mud Flow Pt 2 , Rome, it took way more than a day to dig it out the Mud 🙂

True Earth, Rome, was the Mud removed under Martial Law ?

Note:  Identify the buildings – search Rome early 19th Century 

Sylvie’s video in the links


New Earth vid about

Cathars https://youtu.be/SD4mZo5Y8qI

MAPS https://searchworks.stanford.edu/view…


Dutch East India logbook https://archive.org/details/in.ernet….

19th century Jerusalem https://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7…

Zionists https://www.biblebelievers.org.au/exp…

19th century Rome https://www.google.com/search?q=19th+…


Maisoneuve, Montreal

The trees now block the view from this exact angle, but here is a photo dated June 30, 1942 taken during the inauguration of Army Week. The caption on the photo reads “The above pictures shows a dramatic moment in the great display, with dive bombers immediately over the Sun Life Building on Dominion square, one of the finest and largest structures of its kind in the British Empire. Canada’s dare-devil airmen soared above and around some of the city’s skyscrapers with a precision born of perfect training but which at times took spectators’ breath away.” The photo was taken by an unknown photographer and found in the @mtlgazette archive library.

This photo, dated Aug. 9, 1931, depicts the progress being made on Montreal’s Central Station. Construction in the area began in the mid-1920s and continued until the train station’s opening in 1943 when it was owned by Canadian National Railway. The Queen Elizabeth Hotel was built around the station by CN and officially opened in 1958.





Montreal circa 1926. Bleury St. is at right. The Caron building can be spotted far in the back. Among the other businesses in the photo, you can see Jaeger Pure Wool, Dominion Cord & Tassel Co. Limited, Willard Battery Distributors, The Modern Printing co. and several others

A construction worker takes a break on June 18, 1947. Based on the background, showing Mary Queen of the World Cathedral and the 22-storey Bell Telephone building, built between 1927 and 1929, it’s safe to assume the man was working on a building near the current location of the TC Transcontinental building at 1100 René Levesque Blvd. The TC building was built in 1986. The photo is credited to Jack Markow & Company Limited.





Aug. 23, 1948: A large explosion and a fire burned down most of the Bonaventure freight yard in downtown Montreal. According to a story published in The Gazette the next day, the Bonaventure Station itself was left untouched and no one was killed in the blaze. The initial blast was reportedly caused by the explosion of an oxygen tank in one of the yard’s sheds.



Maisonneuve Market on Ontario St in 1916. The market opened in 1914 and also served as a place for public meetings in Montreal’s east end. According to Heritage Canada, the market closed in 1962 due to competition from supermarkets and reopened temporarily in 1980 before coming back permanently in 1995.




Palais train station, Quebec City, QC, about 1930
Anonyme – Anonymous
About 1930, 20th century




Incendie de l’hôtel de ville dans la nuit du 3 au 4 mars 1922




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