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Part 2 : Magic Moments

Part 3 : Band of Brothers

Part 4 : Sacred Landscape


Britain BC, seeks to change our view of the way British civilization had developed prior to their arrival and to restore some of the knowledge we have lost about our thriving, pre-Roman, purely British civilization. The writer and presenter behind this bold venture is the archaeologist Dr. Francis Pryor. An acknowledged expert on the Bronze Age, a key figure in the discovery of the Flag Fen Bronze Age site and often seen on Time Team, his mission is to show us how British civilization was flourishing long before the Roman Legions invaded our shores..

Episode 1


Episode 2

Awe inspiring and enigmatic, the sacred sites and holy places of ancient man have stood mute for millennia – their secrets seemingly vanished with the civilizations that built them. Yet what mysteries would they reveal if they could speak? Is there something that connects these sites – a hidden key that will once and for all disclose the riddles of our past? What is the startling archaic connection entwining the sacred places of our world?

Evading the interpretation of generations of historians and archaeologists the true cryptic nature and purpose of these sacred centres has lain in waiting – secreted in myth and legend and encoded in the very design of the sites themselves…Until now.
In Heaven’s Mirror best-selling author Graham Hancock continues his quest begun in the No. 1 International best-sellers Fingerprints of the Gods and Keeper of Genesis to rediscover the hidden legacy of mankind – the revelation that the cultures we term ancient were, in fact, the heirs to a far, far older forgotten civilisation, and inheritors of its archaic wisdom

Just some fun stuff to listen to in regards to Ritualistic issues… lets begin with…

Click the link below to find out the cold blooded truth on the Royals.

Death of…

Stumbled upon an interesting video from Feb 2010… kind of almost looks like what is happening today…

America will PUSH China to war 2012 : China nearly owns America already… a war would mean no debt repayments for a broke America, plus they can push the one world government, and a one world army, a one world army can not fight against its self? or would it fight against the people…….


Agenda for 2011-2012 and Beyond

We have Reached the Point Now.



Do you really want to know?

You think that’s air you’re breathing?

The Truth about the Moon

Talking about 2012

2016 is the year of change

Sumerian Alien Origin

We think we are humans


Music Industry

Illuminati Music Industry

… on Hip Hop : Oct 2010



OH SIGH… ALEX JONES…  he repeats criticism 3 times (or maybe more) in this video. How would one know what someone is… unless of course he’s describing WHO he is. If David Icke has captured his attention… my feeling is that David Icke is two steps ahead of Alex Jones…. in everything that Alex is accusing David of.

New insight into our bodies, minds and health.
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OMG… these guys are so amazing. Been listening to them since Laura shared… the resonance of the sound… reaches deep inside. Beautiful sound to wake up to… can take you away to where dreams still linger…. in the heart.



Look at these cellos!!! Even though it’s not the kind of music I listen to.. they play with such heart and exhuberance…. can’t help but listen to the end. *S*




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