METAPHYSICAL UNIVERSE… Waveform is the BASE REALITY… Metaphysical universe is the waveform frequency before it becomes physical. information in wave form. Notice the clouds in the 2nd photo… this image was taken in Malibu on 12/4/18.

12.4.2018 – Sky in Malibu

Do we live in a virtual reality universe??


In Sweden – Democracy used to strangle the nation

  • Everyone pays a TV fee, whether they own a TV or not
  • Trying to pass a fee for everyone who owns a computer
  • Pay for migrant invasion forces
  • PROPAGANDA Machine – Told how they should be and behave as a nation.


The Night That Changed Germany’s Attitude To Refugees

The TRUTH about Muslim immigration in England


Mel Gibson: Hollywood Is ‘Den Of Parasites’ Who ‘Feast On Blood Of Kids’

Describes Hollywood and Satanic ritual

Human trafficking

Keanu Reeves: Hollywood Elites Use ‘Blood Of Babies’ To Get High


Adrenochrome ~ Why Child Ritual Sacrifice Is Used By Hollywood, Politicians and the Elite

What is it about in France…


Leaders are bold now.. .they are saying their true intentions.

Using brainwashing tactics using emotional sensory perception…


Immigration :  Social Engineering ??


Sweden Under Assault: Waves of Middle Eastern Migrants Cause Surge in Crime

April 20, 2017

We’ve read and watched the news of Muslim immigration overwhelming Sweden. But how bad is it really? See this firsthand account from documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz, who shows why increased Muslim immigration is leading to a spike in rapes and other violent crime.