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What to know about poppyseed bagels.

Poppy seed bagel behind woman’s ordeal at Towson hospital. As the title suggests, she tested positive for opiates while in labor with my second child. I am deeply appreciative of the coverage, but there were a few things about my story that couldn’t be addressed in a two and half minute report. 

First of all, just to set the record straight, it was half of an everything bagel. Half. With strawberry cream cheese, but that really is irrelevant. 

The morning this all began, I was thinking about eating a fast breakfast that would agree with a stomach that had rejected many things over the past nine months. I was thinking about making breakfast for my three-year-old and how to entertain her on a day off from school when I was feeling exhausted. I was thinking about making it to my 40-week appointment with my midwife so my husband could get to work at a reasonable hour. I was thinking about the air conditioner repair crew that had arrived at 8 a.m. to replace our aging system. I was thinking we needed orange juice and Band-Aids decorated with characters from the Trolls movie. 

The one thing I certainly wasn’t thinking about was getting drug tested or having a false positive due to poppy seed ingestion. Frankly, I shouldn’t have been thinking about it because, as the more sensitive test revealed six days after my initial positive test, I had a value of 30 ng/mL of morphine in my system. 30. The hospital allegedly uses a threshold of 300 ng/mL for a positive drug test. Most employers use a threshold of 2,000 ng/mL. The Army’s threshold is 3,000 ng/mL. They set these thresholds to avoid false positives. 

But my takeaway from the unlabeled hand-drawn chart without values that the chief of the department of OBGYN used to defend the hospital was that any amount of morphine will be taken as a positive result.

“What you can see on this graph is that if you set the bar here [no threshold number indicated or mentioned], you would only identify true positives, but you would also miss quite a few individuals who did use drugs and were considered screened negative,” Dr. Judith Rossiter-Pratt told WBAL-TV.

In so many words, the 300 ng/mL threshold is irrelevant and the true threshold used by the hospital is 0 ng/mL. I now believe that in an overabundance of caution on the hospital’s part, my birth experience was a casualty of the opioid epidemic.

In general, the response from the hospital has been dismissive and insulting. I have no faith that this won’t happen again to another new mom.

“We don’t typically educate patients, and it’s a really good point that people probably should know that if you use poppy seeds before you have a toxicology screen that it could result in a false positive test,” Rossiter-Pratt said.

In fact, upon coming public with this story, I have heard from numerous mothers who have their own false positive story. I know we are in the middle of an unprecedented drug epidemic and I want those families to receive the help they need. But sending the state down every rabbit hole means those resources are often spread far too thin. Educating expectant mothers would go a long way to solve this.

But the burden shouldn’t just be on moms to watch what they eat. Before this happened, I never would have thought to question a hospital’s testing procedures or policies. I had faith in the system. Even after it happened, I thought it must be an uncommon mistake. But if the moms I’ve heard from are just a sampling, then far too many are facing unnecessary angst when they should be focused on giving birth. I know the hospital only had my baby’s best interest in mind, but I believe having a healthy and happy mom is the first step in achieving this objective. We need hospitals to do better.

What’s the big deal, you ask? 

Apart from being placed on a five-day state mandated hold and having to be away from my three-year-old for a total of seven days. 

Apart from having one of the longest nights of my life on the pediatrics ward, struggling to care for my four-day-old daughter while still recovering from two days of labor and a C-section. Sobbing and alone because only one parent is allowed to stay overnight, my feet so swollen from edema that the skin had begun to crack. 

Apart from feeling like I had to defend myself, often from accusatory looks and comments from hospital staff rather than focus on my brand new baby, there was the investigation by Child Protective Services. There was the threat that my baby could be taken from me.

How could I have faith in a system that had already accused me of being a drug addict based on a faulty test? I now have a closed case file on record that I will need to contact a lawyer to have expunged. It all seems an awfully high price to pay for half of an everything bagel with strawberry cream cheese.

First Wave Blue Ray Indigos started incarnating in fairly large numbers around 1945 to 1949 through about 1969-1970.

First Wave Blue Ray Indigos began coming in en masse around 1955 or so, and the “Hippy Love and Peace Generation” was the very first sign of this new frequency moving into physical mainstream reality; and it went a very long way in breaking up the dense vibrational frequencies held by Earth and humanity at that time; something that was necessary for raising the consciousness of the Collective.

In a nutshell, First Wave Blue Ray Indigos came here to start (re) raising the frequency of Earth and the Collective Consciousness of Humanity so that when the time for the Indigo Frequency Generation to come in the vibration and frequency of the planet would be high enough for them to get here and exist physically.

Many First Wave Blue Ray Indigos had self-worth, self-esteem and low self-confidence problems. This was due to existing on a planet that felt very foreign and was not highly spiritually evolved. There was a strong sense of isolation for this spiritual generation, because finding each other back then was difficult.

First Wave Blue Ray Indigos instinctively knew they were different, and that things were not right on this planet, but they had to conform, at least in pretense, because the “accepted reality” at that time would not permit anything less.

First Wave Blue Ray Indigos had a tendency to stay to themselves a lot, and needed lots of time alone so they could “be” in a place that allowed them to connect to the feelings of “home” within their minds. They were not likely to rock the boat or make waves unless pushed to extremes; and this had to be an extreme, extreme!

First Wave Blue Ray Indigos intuitively knew they were here to do something big, yet had no idea what that something was. This inner knowing created a strong desire in them to constantly push in search of what it was they felt so strongly within themselves. This was actually the driving force that led to raising the vibrational frequency of Earth during that time.

First Wave Blue Ray Indigos are highly empathic and cannot, (even to this day) understand the acts of cruelty toward each other, animals, the earth, or the corruption in political, religious, and economic systems humans are capable of. They came in on a frequency ray, and from a place of Love and Peace, (as do we all), and want nothing more than to connect to others and exist in a place that feels peaceful, loving and kind. They are the true Idealist Utopians, and even though they can rationally understand why Utopia does not currently exist upon Earth, they cannot truly comprehend why it seems so difficult for humanity to instantly create Utopia on Earth. To them, it is as easy as breathing.

First Wave Blue Ray Indigos are Healers, Teachers and Energy Workers by nature. The Blue Ray is the Ray of Wisdom and Healing, and First Wave Blue Ray Indigos came here to assist with expanding the Heart Chakra of the Collective. This is why so many of them wear their “Heart on their Sleeve”, as the saying goes.

First Wave Blue Ray Indigos finally began “coming out of the Spiritual Closet” en masse in 2008; the year of the “Great Coming Together”. By that time many had finally healed sufficiently to begin feeling it was safe enough to expose their self to the world.

First Wave Blue Ray Indigos often have issues with tendencies of escapism because of the intense feelings of being so different and alone in this world. They often suffer with addictive tendencies and personalities; this is one of the largest contributing factors to the fact that the use of Sacred Drugs during the ‘60’s and ‘70’s turned into such a large issue of drug abuse.

Many First Wave Blue Ray Indigos suffer from conditions such as chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. This is manifest from them constantly subconsciously transmuting energy for the planet and other people. The need for them to learn to do this work intentionally and consciously is imperative if they are to avoid creating physical ailments within their own bodies.

First Wave Blue Ray Indigos will often stay in dysfunctional relationships and situations because they “feel” like they are responsible for healing the other person, or persons involved; they have a very hard time telling other people no.

Indigos, those who came into the Earth plane on the Indigo Ray, have many of the same qualities as Blue Ray Indigos except they cannot and will not conform, at least not for very long, to standards set by society that go against what they “know” to be their truth. They are the Spiritual Generation known as the “System Busters”. They came here to change the world and they know it!

IN-Joy I Share Blessings from All Realms of Creation


“Once you see it… you can’t stop seeing it”

We’ve been having fires in California.  Fires in my area are common every year

Aftermath of fire in Sonoma / Napa fire in 2017

Around the time I was looking into the CARR Fire and the fires in Mendicino, I kept asking questions. I’m aware enough that when I ask questions, “universe” answers and the answers come to me in the most weirdest circumstances. How in heaven’s name, I ask, can a whole community just incinerate? Why did it take more than 18 hours to START fighting the fire on the 2017 Sonoma fire? How important is the first hour?

Why, Why, How How… blah blah. 


THEN… a fire happened in the next city over.  This picture is from my backyard. For reference… 

Fire in Paradise Valley, Fairfield. 08/10/2018 4 pm – Nelson Fire.
The fire started at 4pm on Friday in the middle of rush hour traffic… meaning that it took about 45 min. for the firetrucks to get to the fire roads. As a precaution, some people were evacuated from a housing community that was too close for comfort.

By 9pm, the firefighters were able to stop it’s growth. Contained 100% by Saturday morning. Lost 2100 acres and damage to a home and 2 outbuildings.

THIS HOW A NORMAL fire is handled and fought. My area had the same climate conditions as the CARR and Mendicino fires. Friday was 97 deg. during the hottest time of the day.

Climate change or Global warming is “speak” for geoengineering.  HAARPs main purpose was to be able to detect incoming enemy missiles.  However, during their tests they also figured out that they can change the weather, create storms, create earthquakes, floods, tornados, etc.


Update 08/15/2018

I’ve been researching info on california forests most of the day. I found out that during Obama admin, national park lands were either sold or given to the UN. The more I research, the weirder it’s getting. Nestle is getting criticism about using water on NP lands for free. I’m thinking… I don’t think for free. I think they’re paying to use by it’s owners. The UN.
Here’s someone who’s trying to educate people in Colorado about UN Agenda 21.
ABAG is being sued by 9 counties in the Bay Area for trying to enforce regional planning on communities.  Regional planning is part of UN Agenda 21.
This comment that donny is getting flack about….
“California wildfires are being magnified & made so much worse by the bad environmental laws which aren’t allowing massive amounts of readily available water to be properly utilized. It is being diverted into the Pacific Ocean. Must also tree clear to stop fire from spreading!”
This is how I interpret it….
Wildfires are being magnified. Environmental laws will restrict access. Water is being diverted. Clearing trees.
Wildlands Project / Part of UNITED NATIONS AGENDA 21
We are told there is a drought, but there is not. See
The California forests are burning.  The new owners want to build dams to control the resource.  They needed to clear the land to build the dams.
Mega Dam Projects
The forests that were hit are along the same line as the Agenda 21 planning map, starting at Shasta Trinity, Plumas, Stanislaus, Sierra, Inyo national forests.

Boeing Sun Simulator
Sun Simulator + 5G + LED Bulbs + A.I. Smart Cities – all part of one system…
Crazy Horse
Internet of Things
Smart Meters
How much energy are we using
So they can monitor everything you do.

The Picts have long been regarded as enigmatic savages who fought off Rome’s legions before mysteriously disappearing from history, wild tribesmen who refused to sacrifice their freedom in exchange for the benefits of civilisation. But far from the primitive warriors of popular imagination, they actually built a highly sophisticated culture in northern Scotland in the latter half of the first millennium AD, which surpassed their Anglo-Saxon rivals in many respects.

A study of one the most important archaeological discoveries in Scotland for 30 years, a Pictish monastery at Portmahomack on the Tarbat peninsula in Easter Ross, has found that they were capable of great art, learning and the use of complex architectural principles.

The monastery – an enclosure centred on a church thought to have housed about 150 monks and workers – was similar to St Columba’s religious centre at Iona and there is evidence they would have made gospel books similar to the Book of Kells and religious artefacts such as chalices to supply numerous “daughter monasteries”.

And, in a discovery described as “astonishing, mind-blowing” by architectural historians, it appears that the people who built the monastery did so using the proportions of “the Golden Section”, or “Divine Proportion” as it became known during the Renaissance hundreds of years later. This ratio of dimensions, 1.618 to one, appears in nature, such as in the spiral of seashells, and the faces of people considered beautiful, such as Marilyn Monroe. It can be seen in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the Alhambra palace of Granada in Spain, the Acropolis in Athens and the Egyptian Pyramids, but was thought to have been too advanced for the Picts.

“The Picts have always been an attractive lost people, they are one of the most interesting lost peoples of Europe,” said Martin Carver, a professor of archaeology at York University who has worked on the site since the mid-1990s, and recently written a book detailing the findings. “The big question is what happened to them and did they ever really make a kingdom of their own.”

The answer to the latter question seems an emphatic yes, based on the findings at Portmahomack, which is remote today but would have once been a key point on sea routes in the North Sea. “They would have been dreaming of a New Rome and a new world connected by water rather than Roman roads,” said Professor Carver. “They were the most extraordinary artists. They could draw a wolf, a salmon, an eagle on a piece of stone with a single line and produce a beautiful naturalistic drawing. Nothing as good as this is found between Portmahomack and Rome. Even the Anglo-Saxons didn’t do stone-carving as well as the Picts did. Not until the post-Renaissance were people able to get across the character of animals just like that.”

In addition to stone carving, the archaeologists found evidence that vellum, chalices and other religious artefacts were being made at the site on a considerable scale. Vellum, a form of paper made from animal skin, would have been used to make highly decorative gospel books. The cemetery, containing graves of middle-aged and elderly men almost exclusively, and a piece of stone bearing a tantalisingly incomplete inscription provided other key clues as to the Christian nature of the site.

“The most important piece had a Latin inscription. That’s as common as muck in the Mediterranean, but extremely rare in Scotland,” said Professor Carver, who previously led research into the Anglo-Saxon burial mound at Sutton Hoo, Suffolk. “It says ‘This is the cross of Christ in memory of Reo…’ and the rest is broken away. Unfortunately the key bit, the name of the person, is missing. It means there’s someone around there who knows how to write in the eighth century. That itself is a revelation.”

A Pictish wall, which is believed to have formed part of the original monastery’s church, was discovered in the basement of the derelict church on the site, which has now been turned into a visitor centre. But it was the dimensions of another structure within the complex, the “Smith’s Hall”, that attracted particular attention as it was made with “a startling symmetry offering us more than just competence in construction”.

A detailed study was made of the horse-shoe shaped building, searching for the unit of measurement used by the Picts. Professor Carver said a “Tarbat foot” of 12-and-a-half inches seemed to have been the standard measure used to make hall and other parts of the monastery. He also found the ratios of lengths of different walls and bays inside the window conformed to the architectural principle called the Golden Section. “The Golden Section, together with its inverse, the Golden Number, 1.618, has been valued by artists for millennia … and it is a true delight to observe it among their architects,” he said. “It shows the importance of symbol and worship in everything done in the service of the Christian God.

“There is something rather intriguing in the learnt character of them. This is a building put up to house metal workers. It’s the idea they were all possessed of the same kind of knowledge and all trying to serve it.”

Jean Gowans, who recently retired as chairman of the Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland, said the idea the Picts had been using the Golden Section was “wonderful, astonishing”.

“It really is absolutely fascinating. It’s mind-blowing stuff,” she said. “This is staggering to hear, but I’m not totally surprised. I think they were pretty sophisticated, when you think of all the Pictish stones and the wonderful carvings that they made, a lot more sophisticated than perhaps they are given credit for in public perception.”

The monastery at Portmahomack suffered a major fire in the ninth century and several stone sculptures were smashed, suggesting it was sacked by an invading force, likely to be Vikings intent on expanding their territories in northern Scotland. The site continued to be occupied but at this point evidence of a monastic settlement disappears.

However, the shared religion of the Picts and Scots may have helped them unite against a common enemy, ultimately creating the kingdom of Scotland. “There was a war as important as Alfred’s against the Danes [in England] and the Picts got really battered. In the Annals of Ulster, there are records of battles where the flower of Pictish aristocracy is killed,” Professor Carver said.

“Portmahomack got burnt down pretty definitively round about 820. The idea is they were under new masters. It could be the Norse or the Men of Moray, MacBeth and his family. I think Portmahomack was captured by the Men of Moray. The Norse wanted it badly but they didn’t get it. There is no Norse material there. There was no more vellum-making and sculpture and it stopped being a monastery. In the ninth to 11th centuries, they are making metal work, but that’s the real Dark Age.”

Portmahomack: Monastery of the Picts is published by Edinburgh University Press

Tribes that resisted the Romans

Picts was the name which the Romans gave to a confederation of tribes living beyond the reach of their empire, north of the Forth and Clyde.

The name makes its first known appearance in the works of a third-century orator, Eumenius, and is assumed to come from the Latin word pingere, “to paint”, suggesting they painted or tattooed their bodies.

But what name they called themselves, or what language they spoke, we do not know.

One thing that puzzled outsiders is that they were the last people on these islands to trace their lineage through their mothers. The Venerable Bede, writing in 731, said that the Picts had come from mainland Europe,presumablyScandinavia, to northern Ireland to ask for land, but the Irish sent them on to Scotland.

Hence a myth that the Picts were given Irish wives, on condition that they became matrilineal.

Other wild stories included that they were dark-skinned pygmies who hid in holes in the ground during the afternoon, but had magical powers at night.

Probably they were a coalition of indigenous tribes brought together by the Roman threat.

In Bede’s lifetime, the Picts were defeated in war by the Northumbrians and converted to Roman Christianity.

Andy McSmith

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Other interesting references to read….

The Picts… Lords of the Rings set in stone…

The Romans called this pre-Celtic people Pictii, or “Painted,” although Claudius‘ words are proof that (as claimed by many historians), the ancient Picts actually tattooed their bodies with designs. To the non-Roman Celtic world of Scots and Irish and the many tribes of Belgic England and Wales they were known as “Cruithni” and for many centuries they represented the unbridled fury of a people who refused to be brought under the yoke of Rome or any foreign invader.  Aberdeenshire was their heartland.  Aberdeenshire, Banffshire, Moray and Kincardineshire are counties in North East Scotland with the highest density of prehistoric and early-historic monuments per square mile in the whole of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland.



Neolithic Brú na Bóinne in Myth and Folklore

We’re going to position the three great tumuli of NewgrangeDowth and Knowth at Brú na Bóinne in the European Neolithic of about 3,000BC. In this discussion we look at the myth, ritual and fairy tale that are associated with the site. For those unfamiliar with Brú na Bóinne, has an excellent interactive map of the various monuments for the Neolithic and Bronze Age periods.

With regard to the multitudinous designs with which the megaliths of the tumuli at Brú na Bóinne are covered, Marija Gimbutas, concluded after her extensive archaeological work on the Old European Civilisation 7,500~4,500BC in the Balkans that there are essentially two broad categories of symbol:

One set consisting of:

simple parallel lines, V’s, zigzags, chevrons, and meanders, and spirals; related to: water or rain, the snake and the bird.

And a second set consisting of: the cross, the encircled cross (and more complex derivations of this basic motif which symbolically connects the four corners of the world), the crescent, horn, caterpillar, egg and fish; related to: the moon, the vegetal life-cycle, the rotation of the seasons and the birth and growth essential to the perpetuation of life. i

Google search:  Pictish CrossPortmahomack pict

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A wet pattern is taking shape across the eastern US again. Numerous to widespread thunderstorms are expected as a frontal system from the west approaches and stalls over the region.

There have already been flash flood warnings on Wednesday morning for parts of Virginia, including the Charlottesville area. Radar estimated that 3 to 6 inches of rain has fallen in parts of interior Virginia causing flooding. Some roads were reported to be closed in Charlottesville overnight due to the flooding.

Strong storms overnight also caused some damage and flooding along the Ohio and Michigan border and in the Detroit metro area.

Flash flood watches have now been posted from Western Florida to Central Pennsylvania. Rainfall rates of 2 inches per hour are possible in thunderstorms which could produce flash flooding.

A slight risk for severe weather exists today for over 14 million Americans from Virginia to New York. Scattered severe storms will bring the possibility of strong damaging winds, large hail and brief tornadoes. The best chance for brief tornadoes will be just west of Interstate 95.

Numerous thunderstorms will develop across the eastern U.S. today. Numerous to widespread thunderstorms are expected in the same regions through Saturday.

Rainfall totals by the end of this week could exceed 4 inches across parts of northern Georgia, western North and South Carolina. Widespread rainfall totals of 2 to 4 inches are possible from Florida to Vermont.

This wet pattern for the first few days of August comes after a record-breaking July across the east. Baltimore; Cape Hatteras, North Carolina; Elmira, New York; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania; State College, Pennsylvania; Washington, D.C.; and Williamsport, Pennsylvania, all saw their wettest July on record

Still hot and dry in West

There are over 63 uncontained large wildfires burning in 14 states across the western U.S. from Texas to Alaska.

Since July is now over, several observing locations in Southern California recorded their warmest July on record, including Palmdale and Long Beach. Burbank and Los Angeles Airport recorded their second warmest July on record.

Fresno recorded its 26th day of temperatures over 100 degrees, extending their ongoing record.

Another hot day is ahead for much of the West with triple-digit temperatures likely for much of interior California and into parts of eastern Oregon and Washington. For parts of California, including Redding, it is seasonable to have temperatures near 100 degrees in early July.

New fire weather alerts have been posted for parts of the Northwest. A frontal system approaching from the west will kick winds up. The gusty winds and combined hot and dry conditions could ignite new fires and worsen existing ones.



WASHINGTON — “The Bleeding Edge,” the new documentary from Amy Ziering and Kirby Dick, examines the medical device industry and the government approval process that has allowed an array of innovates to hit the market without a thorough safety examination.

One of them is Essure, a Bayer birth control device that is the subject of thousands of lawsuits from women who claim it caused them injury.

With Netflix set to debut the documentary this weekend, Bayer announced last week that it was phasing out the device in the U.S., but denied that it was due to concerns over safety.

“We don’t think it’s coincidental that they did it just a week before the release of the film on Netflix,” Dick tells Variety‘s “PopPolitics” on SiriusXM’s political channel POTUS. “I think they knew that the public would be outraged at the fact that they still had this product on the market.”

The Bleeding Edge” follows a group of women who say they suffered serious injuries from the device as they seek to get the Food and Drug Administration to take action and the company to take it off the market.

“We are completely elated,” Ziering says. “It is like what you always dream of. You go down this rabbit hole and are in this horrific nightmarish scenario and you go, ‘Oh my god, could anything possibly change?’ Then you find your film, coupled with the work of these amazing advocates, has moved the needle, which is tremendous.”

The movie also probes other medical device products on the market, including metal hip replacements and a robotic surgeon called Da Vinci.

“If a multibillion dollar corporation backed down in this way, just think of the implications this has for about all the devices out there that no one knows the story about, no one knows the back story,” Ziering says.

Dick and Ziering’s 2012 documentary “The Invisible War,” about the systemic problem of sexual assault in the military, led to changes in government policy on how it treats cases of rape in the armed forces. They hope that “The Bleeding Edge” generates a reaction from Capitol Hill lawmakers to improve the scrutiny of the the medical device industry.

On Friday, Bayer issued a statement in which it said that the movie “presents an inaccurate and misleading picture of Essure by relying almost entirely on anecdotes, cherry-picking information to fit a predetermined conclusion, ignoring the full body of scientific evidence that supports the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) determination that Essure’s benefits outweigh its risks and disregarding the appropriate warnings that accompany the device.”

“This does a disservice to the thousands of women who rely on Essure for their reproductive health, as it may encourage them to pursue risky and unnecessary surgery to remove the device,” the company said.

Listen to the interview with Dick and Ziering here.



Why Rothschilds really wanted the murder of Tzar Nicholas II and his Christian Family: NWO Revenge!

What your seeing in Europe today 2012 as a fiscal crises manufactured for the sole intentions of having the individual countries of Europe sign over their sovereignty to form a grand Central Bank of Europe for an run by the house of Rothschild. The evil eminence own daughter came with the paperwork and each country signed over sovereignty it was assured because this time they had their man in charge in each county whether a technocrat or elected they all signed.  Europe now has their own FED!! Awful isn’t it. 2012!

But if we look back in time the Rothschild tried to have Europe once before become a world government this was in Tsar Alexander I of Russia’s time. And All of Europe indebted to Rothschild family was ready to sign their sovereignty back then All except for one, Lincoln’s friend. The Tsar of Russia! Rothschild was so upset that he sent in his assassins but the dream of  a one world government wasn’t meant to be just yet.. So how did Rothschild’s get so damn powerful?