It’s TIME for humanity to RISE.

We are leading towards a fork in the road… one is leading to tyranny and possible destruction… the other leads us to a a peaceful, healthy civilization based on rights and freedom of every person on the planet. FIRST… we have to say ENOUGH. We have the knowledge and the resources to create… let start creating solutions… 1:38

The first hour and a half is a good history lesson. Most true… some experienced within my own family.

Solutions… 1:38
Waking up globally… 1:42
What can we do… 1:48

Thrive… do we dare… let’s make it happen.



Global Domination Agenda: In order for the elite to control the world… what must they have control over. Monetary system (Central Banking System, Federal Reserve, IMF, World Bank). Energy (Oil, Gas, Coal, Nuclear Energy). Food and Water (Agribusiness, World Trade, Water Sources, SUPRESS Free Energy Information). Health (Pharmaceuticals, Medical Schools, Research, SUPPRESS Natural Alternatives). Indoctrination (Compulsory Standardized Education, Media). Control Dissent (Patriot Act, Surveillance, RFID Chips). BIG BROTHER is HERE… how do we get out!!!



This is the script of a documentary film called (SOURCE CONTENT) by  (Foster Gamble) who grew up in a world of privilege and power,  attending elite private schools and then Princeton University, and who  was a direct descendant of one of the founders of Procter and Gamble,  and was groomed to be a leader in the establishment, but who chose a  different path.