The first dimension of space. Awareness is a point. The mineral kingdom resonates to this level of consciousness. The minerals, water, genetics code in humans bodies resonates to this level.


The second dimension of space. Awareness of point and line. The plant kingdom and lower animal kingdom resonates to this level. These being are only conscious of their species identity and their need for feeding, fighting and procreation. Live solely within the awareness of the moment. Humans second dimensional consciousness is centered in the lower brain that automic system to regulate and maintain life support functions.


The third dimension of space. Awareness of point, line, width, breadth and volume. Human beings and the higher animal kingdom resonates to this level. Awareness of oneself as a separate and unique individual – very little awareness of the inter connectedness of being and actions. The third dimension is locked in a time/space and cause/effect paradigm, through the individual human souls. As humans we have the ability to remember the past and future while remaining aware of the present. However, while using only our third dimensional consciousness much of our past remains forgotten in our unconscious mind and we usually feel a sense of separation from the whole, a feeling of limitation in achieving our desires and a need to work hard to accomplish our goals.


Awareness of point, line, width, breadth, height, volume, and time. The fourth dimension is known as the astral plane. The primary consciousness of this dimension is in the astral body, which is also known as the higher human. The astral body is of a higher vibration than the physical body and is a form that is known as etheric. The 4th D is the realm of the unconscious mind. Our fourth dimensional astral bodies possess advanced dreaming,imagination, psychic ability, intuition, magic and creativity. As we expand our mind to be conscious of our unconscious mind, we can experience more and more of these qualities while in our physical form. At this level, there is the beginning awareness of the universal law of one or unity consciousness: whatever affects one of us affects all of us. Indigos carry this awareness, which is key to multi-dimensionality, and it leads them to be warriors for causes that heal the earth. Realization and practice that no one is greater that heal other and that group consciousness is the path to the future. We must all cooperate for the good of all to a better Earth.


Awareness of point, line, width, breadth, height, volume, time and spirit. Linear time of space do not bind consciousness here. There is no illusion of separation or limitation. Instead there is a constant experience of the One-ness of God/Goddess/All that is. On the fifth dimension we live in unconditional live, unconditional forgiveness, and unconditional acceptance. We hold no judgement, guilt, or negativity towards, the lower portion of aspects of ourselves that are striving to remember our higher selves. At this level, we are free to create new way ways of thinking/being/doing through the seeds of unity consciousness.


The Christed child of Magical children (Crystal consciousness) has access to their magical and spiritual aspects and playground of life. Life is seen as magical and blessed. All life is directed and advanced through the work of spirits evolution while exercising the right to be a creator on an individual level.


Fully aware of the nature of the spirited mission of the being. Christed adult (crystal adult) – ready to take on a planetary mission as a carer of higher dimension consciousness to other, e.g through teaching and healing on a big scale or carrying the energy in one’s aura so that others can access it on a big scale.


Archetypal level of consciousness when the person has full control over the story of life on Earth.


Full cosmic consciousness – has full responsibility for stewardship of the planet. The 9th D incorporates the 8th.


Have responsibility at the solar level.


Galactic level of consciousness is achieved.


Gold ray of universal consciousness is inaugurate by being a full universal being. Universal level of consciousness is achieved. You have returned to source and are in unity consciousness with the physical form of your local universe.

The Remaining 9 dimensions of creation

Principle : Thought + feeling = Manifestation

Thought as energy

Feeling as space

Manifestation as motion

Dimension 9 – Etheric energy (life energy)

Dimension 8 – Magnetic energy (prime field)

Dimension 7 – Electric energy ( physical matter)

Dimension 6 – Linear separation (radius)

Dimension 5 – Circular separation (diameter)

Dimension 4 – Spherical separation (sphere)

Dimension 3 – Mental motion (Human thought)

Dimension 2 – Emotional motion (human feelings)

Dimension 1 – Physical motion (time)

artwork by D’vorah Curtis